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Haha. Yeah fucking right.Tesla Investor day is next week and they will be discussing the new platform. Tesla has over 100k employees making things happen and have been averaging 50% growth almost every year. They don't let up on that front and robotaxis, the new compact car and robots will all be in full swing this decade.


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Probably starting production lines in the compact car next year. Maybe later this year, but seems doubtful.

For Tesla to continue their planned YOY growth of 50% through the decade, they will need to start manufacturing the compact car in in volume for 2025. This year it looks likely they could grow 50% with a little more production capacity. After that, they need growth on a compact car since the goal will be to sell more of those than all their other vehicles combined.

Cybertruck may have taken later than planned, but they only got the casting press a few months ago, and they had to build the factory in 2021 and ramped up model Y production last year. This year is now building the manufacturing line for the cybertruck, and they are still ramping internal battery production for the 4680 cells. It's not really very late based on those factors. The new roadster is late, but low priority.