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I love a good backup/cavalry arrival. Whether it be a “Hey you guys”, a blaring horn from Rohan, or even a shitty spaceship sneaking up on Vader, I am a sucker for it. Hell, I’ll even take a bunch of sonar-following bats storming a mental institution.

Shit, I might have to watch these soon


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I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the shows thus far. I would hope it leads to some event movie in the future since the majority of these shows are in the “Mandoverse”


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posts like these aren't made by people looking to get someone else's perspective nor made to start a healthy discussion. OP just wants an echo chamber, nothing more. If someone feels that Anderson is just becoming too focused on style over substance, then that's fine. Just come up with a more tactful way of expressing it than just reactionary garble


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Christine (2016) with Rebecca Hall. I had known of the real story of Christine Chubbuck’s tragic final days, but the movie still hit hard. Hall’s performance was hauntingly phenomenal, she honestly should have gotten more recognition for it. It was a good film, but by the end, I just felt so gutted.

I highly recommend it, even if I don’t plan on watching it again for a very long time


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those are very valid points now that I think about it. Like I said, I get why it was cut for reasons beyond runtime. But I do like how it wasn’t another beat-em’-up interrogation or a Gotham City face off. And I did have to watch it with subtitles since it was hard to understand him at parts


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The Super Mario Bros. has to be the biggest/worst film adaptation of any IP. A complete misfire that alienated audiences and insulted beloved fans of the Nintendo game and its titular characters. It had body horror moments in a movie that PG, and the best description I've read for Dennis Hopper's King Koopa is that "he looks like a pit boss at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise".

But I'll be damned if I don't find it interesting. It's just something about the punky/neo-apacalypse look of "Dinohattan". I admit I like the some design choices, like it's grid-powered electric cars, jet boots, punk rock NY vibe. A part of me wonders how well the movie would have fared if they stripped anything away that could be pertained to being a part of the Super Mario IP and just made it its own movie


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for comedy, Spaceballs has got to be mine. Funny thing, I hadn’t seen Alien by that point (I did later when I was 12) so John Hurt’s cameo whooshed over me. But when I finally saw the ‘79 movie, things started clicking in my head when it came to the dinner scene. To say I was horrified would be an understatement, that scene shook me for a the rest of the day

I honestly think seeing Spaceballs first compounded the horror effect in Alien


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I admit I must be an outlier, certainly far from exemplary. But I growing up in a household where basic cable was the norm, seeing the show out of order was commonplace. But I will say that it speaks for the merit and quality of the show that one could watch a few random episodes and know the “gist” of Seinfeld