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As much as I’ve enjoyed reading and responding to all the comments to this, I appreciate the thoughtful response. That was my thought. Only reason I thought to ask is because this falls in something of a grey (or, ahem.. brown) area as far as what constitutes consumption.

The way I see it, simply existing will give you cancer these days. So I Midas whale have a clean asshole while I’m rushing towards the grave.


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The old comparison- if you got shit on your shoe/hand/wherever. Would you feel adequately clean just wiping it away with paper? If so, please don’t shake my hand.

I will shit wherever, but since switching to the bidet away games just hit different.


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Haven't seen it posted yet, but South Philly High School has a big pile of wood chips that you can just take. Go on a Saturday between 9a-12p (I think?) and someone should be at the garden on the Jackson st. side, but pretty sure they don't mind if you just take it.

Bonus: if you weren't aware, and are tired of constantly weeding your tree pit put a layer of cardboard down around the whole thing before putting your mulch/wood chips. Allows water to get through and will eventually compost, but prevents weeds from getting sun and growing up.


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I've made this comment here and IRL in the past. Maybe it's just because I personally don't "know a guy for that", but it seems like the "i know a guy for that" guys are becoming a thing of the past. I've DIY'd some things with varying success - refinishing wood floors/tile (good), drywall and moulding (ok), and plumbing (outright disaster). Would be great to have someone that straddles the line between contractor and mentor.

OP to your point I don't know if that exists outside of west philly tool library or big box store classes, but I'll be following along on this thread.