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My understanding is that currently edibles in store need to be 3% thc by dry weight. Meaning it’s usually made from hemp flower that is super concentrated and extracted.

There is a bill going around and currently in the amendment process that will destroy all of this. The Republicans really just want their donors at Columbia care and Altria to be the only ones allowed to produce cannabis products. If it passes all of this goes away and the only option will be low level mids from a dispensary. So I’d avoid getting too into this until 2025


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If there is the slightest bit of rain or snow this area loses its goddamn mind. On my drive to work today people were going like 40mph on 95. When it rains you simply put your lights on and go the speed limit, you don’t slow down to city speeds on the highway


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Saw Skinamarink at Bow tie last week and it was the most upsetting horror movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t think any movie has physically affected me the way that movie did. Finds new ways to be scary without any gore or violence


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From a drivers perspective this is the hardest city to drive in I’ve ever been to, and I lived in DC for a decade and New York briefly.

Bikes and pedestrians don’t pay attention to crosswalks or stop signs, cars park in the middle of lanes for 10+ minutes, Amazon drivers stop traffic constantly, no one in this city understands turn signals. no one has any regard for anyone else’s safety here.

Something has to change not just in the infrastructure, but the mentality of this city. There is no reason this tiny town should have so many pedestrian deaths


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Man your sources lost me with “pushing or shoving someone isn’t domestic violence” and that acting out of anger somehow negates the pattern of behavior.

We have all the evidence we need on video that cops are nothing but violent monsters. And mountains of proof that you can’t trust them to investigate their own. If you spend your work day pushing people around and beating up homeless people for fun, you’re likely to be just as violent to your spouse and children.


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When we left Saturday morning the water was frozen in our bathroom. Left the hot water dripping and came back last night and it was fine…and now our kitchen sink is frozen 😩 don’t think anything burst so hopefully the sun will melt everything today


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Jesus didn’t hate shit man. That’s kind of the whole point of the book. And the idea that being gay is a sin comes from the same chapter of the Old Testament where it says you shouldn’t get tattoos or eat shrimp. Leviticus is full of absolute nonsense rules.

If you’re going to call yourself a Christian you need to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and Jesus didn’t teach you to judge anyone’s way of life


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I saw the one in carytown and thought it was vague enough it could have been pro-gay? It was like “what does Jesus really say about being gay in the Bible” and considering the only passage in the New Testament that could be construed as Jesus having an opinion on queerness is in Luke 7 verse 1-10 when he heals an enemy soldiers gay lover. So like he was pretty supportive of gay people if you ask me…


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Husband and I checked out the guitar exhibit at the vmfa this weekend and it was really cool. Perfect crossroads for us since he’s big into art and I love music.


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Moved here from dc five years ago and that’s literally the only thing I miss about that city. Too many people I know have gotten bedbugs from bow tie, and the byrd seems to rarely have movies I want to see. If someone opened a real movie theater here it would be awesome


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Everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s absolutely not worth it. Gleaf basically had a monopoly and the weed is expensive and low quality. I’ve heard the delivery services around here are awesome but better yet look into growing your own. A new grow shop just opened in glen allen called HTG Supply and they’ve got everything you need to get started.


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You gotta contact your bank and shut the charges down. Either that or close your accounts or credit cards. Golds is all over the legal advice subreddit for being absolutely terrible about this. They’re notorious for copying your signature to other contracts you didn’t sign.