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Haitian Jack sold me the Season 3 Box Set of Gilmore Girls, but it ended up that Disc Three was just old Stormy Daniels porn clips.. I still don't know if Rory's grandmother ended up paying for school or not...


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I'm not feeling it, but I really hope you did a lot of research before you pulled the trigger on this. Keep in mind that for a $2k place (if you find one), you'll have to put down at least $6k, which you will only see a small fraction of again, in the far future. Plus, Boston is still a majority Sept-Sept market, so you're moving at a limited choice time of year. Finally, I hope your girlfriend has a well-established job bringing in serious bank, and I hope you have a degree in a very marketable field. I wish you both luck, and I hope you're not bringing a car or pets.


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You mean that you guys are looking to pay $2k for a bedroom in a 3BR apartment, right? Also, these days 40 minutes away from the financial district is only like 3 T stops..


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Just tell them your accountant is a real paper-pusher, so you need their real estate license number to provide them. They might not even have one (which I believe is required to charge a broker's fee). If they do have one, complain to the AG's office


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That's a surprising amount of traffic on the Longfellow into Boston, even during rush hour I never see that much..


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When you file with insurance, make sure you mention that the barrel was in motion when you hit it. It rolled out from behind something and before you could take evasive action it impacted your car. You didn't hit the barrel, the barrel hit you. Or at least that's what I'm understanding from your post.