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I have no problem with voter ID in and of itself; however, Republicans have been using the issue as a tool of disenfranchisement. Until that ends, I'll fight against changing the methods Pennsylvania has been using securely for years now.

>Why does it take 2 days to count votes?

Because of the concessions the Republicans in the legislature demanded when it comes to counting mail-in ballots.


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Off topic, but I thought I'd check out some online reviews of the restaurant, and one recent one added:

>The ice cream serving lady told me to be careful of the black panthers and guess what I actually saw a black panther and her two cubs crossing the road in the forest while riding my motorcycle. So listen carefully to this lady.

There are so many reasons this didn't happen.


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> Looking at something online is different than in person.

Are you under the impression that you could wander in somewhere and look at all these photographs in person prior to CMOA purchasing the collection?


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Except, as so many Republican voters discovered in 2020 when they were arrested for double-voting or voting for their dead relatives, it's pretty easy to zero in on criminals who think they gaming the system. Every ballot is going to come in an envelope with someone's name on it. Easy enough to figure out if it's a legit vote.


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I don't think it's a fair comparison, the spread-out USA to more compact, densely populated, highly urbanized nations with excellent public transportation like Japan or France. A better comparison would be to Canada or Australia, geographically big countries with lots of citizens living in the boonies. And both those countries offer mail-in voting.