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I mean I’ve made no secret about the fact that I neglected to take care of it because it was in front of my house and we had another car. I’m not proud of it and I paid all the appropriate fees for my negligence.

What else do you want?

by the way my car doesn’t have feelings and you can’t hurt my feelings by insulting my car


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Wow, my car needed some air in the tires and an inspection and a new battery and they snatched it right up

edit: I got a lot of well-deserved shit today for how I handled my car but it was sure as fuck not a trash heap and it was ready to go with one hour of repairs

much to my humiliation and shame for all those reasons but damn my car wasn’t that fucked


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Because I used it every day before the pandemic and never knew when my work situation would change. It’s fixed now and it just so happens i have to go to KOP once a week all of a sudden

edit: and i bought it cash from family so no payments or debt

And now post-pandemmy I’ll be using it once a week with no car payment


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Sure, by the legal definition. I bet most “abandoned” car tows aren’t at the lot 15 minutes later to set the car free with a plan to repair it.

Paid my lumps and I know it was wrong, but if you want to argue about semantics I am here all night.


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Well, the battery was done in by one of the last snow storms of the previous winter (March 22?), but the inspection didn't actually lapse until August. Tires went low and I'm assuming whoever did it knew exactly who it belonged to lol. I will take my lumps

edit: I drove my car home with PA’s blessing today and the only problem was my clinical procrastination. meds can only do so much xo


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My car got towed for abandonment today and I even had a appointment to tow it myself to a mechanic :c

edit: I made all the wrong choices and paid for it and my car is literally back on the block inspected as fuck and y’all can fuck off now


it was <$500 of damage and I had huge anxiety around not being able to get it fixed


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Does anyone have an idea if the Mummers parade has any notable impact on traffic on I-76? I'm inclined to think probably not, but my mother is stressing out about it. Would love to know if anyone has any insight!


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I try to give the benefit of the doubt a little bit because my car's lights don't go on automatically in the rain and I usually kill my battery by forgetting to turn them off. It was just a lot, though. Go tell that other person who says none of you are on Reddit ;)