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It had started out like any other day. I hit snooze on the alarm three times, each time wishing for only 5 more minutes. I decided to hit the bathroom and cleaned up, trying to figure out how to make the day profitable. I knew that each hedge fund I managed would continue to rise, as long as the market was bearish. However, almost half of the NYSE Top 30 were showing signs of meeting goal, which didn't bode well for me!

I got to work about 15 minutes early, trying to see if the DJIA and the NASDAQ were actively trading, and in which direction. The algorithm I had relied on recommended more investment in the index funds, and focus on the NASDAQ. Rumors of a breakthrough in the tech industry were seeing more speculation for some of the blue chip companies.

The hedge funds all looked okay right now, but if an announcement in the field of quantum physics came before cose of business, it could throw the entire trading floor into an uproar. The trading may go off the scale, and if massive selloffs from non-tech became viral, I could kiss my bonus and possible my career goodbye!

Although the hedge funds were still okay, I suddenly felt dizzy, as if the whole world were spinning out of control. I closed my eyes and laid my head on my desk. When I looked up, I noticed that the clock was showing 5 PM, and my colleague was patting me on the shoulder. I was shocked to see my hedge funds triple what I had seen!

My boss had called our investors, and told them to consider rollovers, since the likelihood of the value increasing was slim. He waved me into his office, and handed me a huge bonus check. The amount was enough to almost retire, and more than enough to send my son to college.

The next week saw me recognized as hedge fund manager of the year, and the firm manager handed me an award and another bonus, since out clientele had nearly doubled. I sent about half of the bonus to my son, and banked the rest in my annuity. Retirement looked great, and with the investments and annuities bringing in more than enough, I decided to get that colonial in Great Neck.

We moved in the next week, and I made sure the property taxes were handled. My son was very happy to help me move, and we had dinner at the Four Season to celebrate. I took him to JFK to return to school for the next semester. I hugged him, and drove home. One month since the day everything had changed, and my life was now comfortable, and my son had a bright future.

When I awoke, I was not in the colonial, but back in my New Jersey brownstone! My son was yelling for me to get up and not to miss the train to work. He told me to not worry about tuition, that his summer job would cover next semester. When I got to work, my colleague told me to try and pray for a miracle of saving my career!

My boss called me in for a conference about 11 AM. I slunk in, and he told me that if the NASDAQ didn't turn around before close of business, he may have to make me a stock broker, and let a recent graduate take my place as hedge manager. I worked tirelessly to get our dwindling clientele to hold their investments, and luckily some decided to invest more.

The NASDAQ did turn around with more investments by the end of the day, and my boss came by and patted me on the back. For now, my position was secure. The next month saw me slowly make small adjustments to the investments, and the hedge funds were stronger than before this all started.

As I shook my boss's hand, he handed me a bonus check. It was not nearly as big as my previous, but enough to buy another semester for my son. The dream of the colonial could wait another year. I would not have a shot at hedge fund manager of the year, but I got a smaller bonus for being top hedge fund manager for the region.

I woke up after New Year, and I was shocked to find myself in a mansion on Long Island. My son came in and showed me the trading activity and hedge fund activity. I looked at the name of the fund at the top of his laptop, and it was mine and his! He was in his mid-20s, and my partner. He called for the staff, and escorted me to breakfast.

He told me the next partner's meeting would be Monday, January 5th. Until then, we were to complete our company's tax return with the CPA firm. We were to meet with them on the 3rd. We went over our agenda for the month and quarter, and agreed it was timely. Today, we were going to a fund raiser at Carnegie Hall, followed by a presentation of "Rent."

The entire day was great. My son was surprised when I seemed to forget the names of some of out oldest friends. Then, it happened. I was just ready to get used to our new lifestyle when I realized that the constant in all of this was my boss. Somehow, he had not changed, even being one of the hedge fund partners. I decided to confront him, and see if I could catch him messing with my life specifically, and the universe in general!

I slid into his office after the partner's meeting, and snooped around. I noticed nothing of the ordinary. Suddenly, I realized that he had been pushing a new NASDAQ account, and the firm was the same one that was rumored to be on the verge of a breakthrough in quantum physics. I observed that he had received several large checks from this firm, and each check had a footnote of "Project Shuffle".

SEC would probably be interested in his checks from the QP firm, and I spoke with my son. He agreed we were probably looking at insider trading. I talked to legal, and they got the necessary permission to audit his activities. QP popped up on his account at least twice a day for the past year, and he had received a monthly check from them.

Legal turned all this over to the SEC, and I led the treasury agents to his office. My son brought our private security force to meet us, and as we entered his office, he was pushing several buttons in his closet. I told him to put his hands on his head. He was sweating, and he began to slowly put his hands up. Suddenly, he hit the enter button on his PC, and I was back at my desk, looking at a normal trading day.

Since the QP firm really did exist, I figured that if his memory carried from one leap to another, he would probably either try to get rid of me, or shift the blame. The only man I knew I could trust was my friend in legal, so I called him and asked him to have tech look into my boss's activities with QP.

At lunch, my boss called me into his office, not aware of the call. He thanked me for a somewhat profitable quarter, and gave me my standard bonus. After the day was over, I arranged to have dinner with Frank from legal. He assured me they had more than enough to call in the SEC. The next day, my boss was being walked out of his office in cuffs, and the CEO thanked me for my diligence, along with Frank and tech.

I was given two weeks vacation for the holidays, and my son asked me how I managed to figure out what was going on. Rather than explaining the whole story, I simply reassured him that I wanted to make sure my son had a future, and that the universe was as it should be!


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It had been months of research and undercover work in the making. This newfound ability to pause time had helped me slowly assist in rooting out the group of underground assassins, although not without some fatalities. Several other agents and some civilians had been injured or killed, but since the next international summit was next week, we agreed that a loss of 8 agents was a small price to pay.

I had been told that the main trainer of the league was now targeting my family. I had called Interpol, and I was to meet my contact for lunch at the Mall of the Americas, where he and his team was to take my wife and children to a safe house. The escort of three Humvees met us in the parking garage, and I left them with the agents as I met the contact.

I kept alert for tails or familiar faces as I entered the restaurant and met Tom, the contact's alias. He waved me over to the table, and as I shook his hand, I caught a glimpse of a laser dot on the back of his head! I paused time, and was able to examine the angle of the laser, coming from the next level up and across the courtyard. I realized that anyone shooting from there would not be able to escape, unless very well disguised!

Since I could only pause time, I knew falling to the ground was the only way to survive the split second following the shot. I pushed play, and fell over backward, while Tom was on the floor next to me, dead. I radioed the agents to lock down the mall, and I rolled over to the door, spotting the assassin running on the next level toward the street exit.

The assassin disappeared into a storage room, and I knew this led to a tunnel, that could go to either the garage or the street. I gave the codeword "green" to the convoy, and they left with my family for the safehouse. I gave chase, and guessed to head toward the garage. My guess was correct.

I tracked the assassin to the bottom level, thinking either they were heading for a trap, or I was. I hid behind a column, listening and waiting for some movement from the closed-off section. I looked in time to notice that several FBI agents were approaching from all the other exits, so in a matter of seconds, we had the area sealed off.

I signaled to the agents to let me warn the assassin, and I yelled, "Shooter, you are surrounded! Put your weapon down, and get on your knees with your hands behind your head!" The voice came from a darkened section of the garage, saying "You think I'm stupid enough to come here without help?"

Four Cadillac Escalades came screaming down the ramp, all with automatic weapons pointing out the windows. I paused, and as I looked at each vehicle, I saw they were all international plates. I knew that one phone call might end this, so as I pushed play, I signaled the other agents to cover me.

I dialed the secure number, and gave the country plate IDs to the dispatcher. My guess was right, and just before the Escalades reached our level, they all shut down. They were all rentals with fake plates. The rental company used GPS to disconnect the main fuse.

With nowhere to go, the men inside the Escalades came out and right into the handcuffs of our agents, I yelled at the gunman, "Your help doesn't seem to be available! Give it up!" I heard a new clip inserted, and told the agents to hit the lights on the Humvees. I paused just as the lights came on, and the gunman was aiming for the fire system.

I realized our only way to shut him down was to pin him down and disable the alarm system. I hit play, and fired a double tap over his head, right at the power box. The lights and fire system in the garage went out, and the gunman laid down his weapon.

At the debriefing, all the responding agents received commendations, and the international summit went off without incident. I was reunited with my family one week later, and only used my pause power when I absolutely had to!


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I had been told to "declare independence" and I would locate the "safe place", supposedly the only place humans were guaranteed safety. When the computers made the decision to declare war on humanity, they unleashed the nuclear weapons. Reports of an alien invasion was taking place in all the major cities, which triggered asteriod collisions around the globe. This all resulted in zombies (living humans zapped by too much radiation). However, there was a fifth column underground that was making use of the tunnel system to hide the survivors.

Since the location of Independence Hall was in Boston, I started there. I managed to avoid most of the disasters, and as I approached Independence Hall, I could see it had been locked down. What surprised me was that he cornerstone had been slightly altered, only noticeable by someone who had studied history. I studied it, and the last of the numbers had a small dot next to it. I pressed it, and a numbered panel appeared next to the front door.

I decided to try the only clue I had received, and entered 07-04-1776, "declaring independence". The doors opened and a ray scanned me, then a robotic voice told me to hurry inside and to sit where the forefathers sat. I immediately hurried to the famous Continental Congress Hall, and looked at each seat carefully. The John Hancock chair seemed to be higher than I remember, and as I sat down, a panel opened behind me.

My history professor came out and shook my hand, congratulating me for following his clues correctly. I quickly transferred the clues to my private email, hoping my family would be able to decode the clues. My son was even more of a history buff than I, and I was confident he would lead them to safety.

I met the former US President, and he showed me the network of tunnels on a panel. We were warned that some of them may have been compromised, especially in the Southwest. I immediately asked if I could contact someone in Santa Fe, NM. He gave me a quick briefing on the Morse code system, and I gave my family's last known location to the contacts in Santa Fe.

I was surprised when my private email showed a response, and my son had assured me that the contacts in Santa Fe were only 15 minutes away. I mentioned the code to him, and he thanked me. My wife, my son and both my grandsons were assured of their safety, since the leader of the Santa Fe tunnel had sent his best guards to retrieve them. 30 minutes later, I received confirmation of their safety in the tunnel.

I asked if it was possible to join them, and my professor assured me that once the area was cleared, a UAV would bring them to Boston. I waited for almost 3 months, and we were reunited. Since Boston was leveled, I invited the professor and some of my friends to help us rebuild at our ranch outside Santa Fe. The US President wished us all well, and we were aghast as we viewed the devastation during the private plane trip.

My wife, son and grandsons made everyone comfortable at the ranch, and I undertook the task of getting the seeds and repairing the hydroponic garden. Once done, my wife and several ladies began to grow food. The younger men and I gathered up the cattle, while the professor set up a private school for all the children. Our little colony was humble, but we had a fresh start!


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The king had long waited for the passing of the queen mother. The tales of his murdering his uncle and usurping the throne had gone on for almost 10 years. I was on his coronation day that the hermit came into the cathedral and pronounced the prophecy. A small child was to one day end his evil reign, and he himself would suffer the same fate as his uncle.

The queen mother had him arrested, and named a long list of her courtiers to the royal advisor panel. I officially petitioned to replace them with the retired knights that fought with my father. My request met with mockery and I was forced to watch as the queen mother had it buried in the archives.

The historian in the royal archives assured me that if I ever wished to repetition, the document would be made ready in a day. I quietly retired after a day at court, overseen by the queen mother, who made sure no one from the families of influence or the clergy received their petitions. A guard beckoned to me, and I realized it was Sir Morgan, my uncle's most trusted and honored knight!

He told me of the birth of boy the same day as my coronation. This boy had been hidden by the clergy in a remote region since birth. I realized the hermit who pronounced the prophecy was also the abbey of the hermitage. Since the youngster was only a few years from manhood, the knights and clergy had taken a vow to protect him.

I knew that if the kingdom learned the truth, the kingdom would be torn asunder. Many of the remote regions were starving and suffering, while the courtiers and friends of the queen mother lived in luxury. Sir Morgan assured me that if the child was victorious, all I needed to do was abdicate and allow him to take the throne. Sir Morgan was the only other man in the kingdom who knew that my "evil reign" was the work of the queen mother, who was also responsible for the death of my uncle.

A plan was put into place. I quietly whispered it to Sir Morgan the secret entrance to the royal armory, and slipped him the key to the royal vault. The child had been trained by the hermits and made aware of his destiny. Sir Morgan knew that an old ally of my uncle was also poised on the border. ready to move at his orders.

The vault also held proof of the true nature of my uncle's death, a note sealed with my uncle's royal seal. I told Sir Morgan that he must show this to the child and the old ally. He knew the danger of the mission, but assured me that the peasants were ready to follow the child.

The armies of our ally marched upon the capital, but held their distance. Sir Morgan had gathered the knights of old and surrounded the child. I knew the only way for the plan to succeed was for me to open the drawbridge upon the signal. As I quietly approached the castle guard, I ordered them to take up their positions on the wall.

I heard the battle horn of Sir Morgan sound, and ran to lower the drawbridge. The old ally and the knights of old led an army of peasants through the gate and into the city. I knew it was only a matter of time before the peasants overcame the palace guard and royal army. I ran to give the petition to the child, but the queen mother put her poisoned blade between my shoulders.

Sir Morgan had her arrested. The child visited me upon my bed, and I thanked the child for his courage and willingness to help our kingdom. The queen mother had been banished and made to live in a tower. The old hermit who had pronounced the prophecy came to my bed, and after applying some poultices and giving me a potion, assured me I would recover.

I called Sir Morgan to my bed, and I gave them my edict, declaring the child the rightful ruler and the knights of old his royal advisors. My abdication was complete, but Sir Morgan assured me that my selflessness would be forever remembered. I did recover, but would walk with a limp for the rest of my days. The hermitage offered me shelter, and the knights of old would visit me twice a year. The child often sent supplies and notes of thanks. I knew that the kingdom was safe!


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The long years spent in educating, training and assisting the Kraals of the north and the Vaals of the south on M-110 had finally resulted in enough repairs and fuel to go back to Earth. The total years came to 50! I was fortunate that the sun in their galaxy was strong enough to keep the power going until all the reserve batteries and main CPU were completely recharged and rebooted.

The idea of setting up a fair and impartial government and peace between the Kraals and Vaals seemed impossible when I first crashed, but the education convinced them to live in peace. The specialists had worked for almost 30 years to update and repair my ship. I was all set to power up and leave, hoping to give my best archives to the leadership council.

The history of M-110 had become one of peaceful and evolving culture. The leadership council and the general assembly bodies gathered to bid me farewell. My message was well received, and as I began to lift off, I noticed something moving through the air toward the Great Hall. My sensor read them as plasma bombs!

I attempted to intercept them, but I was only able to knock out about 90% of them! The remaining 10% leveled the capitol! By the time I was out of the atmosphere, the chain reaction of weaponry between the Kraal and the Vaal had spread over 85% of the planet!

I quickly sent a communication satellite back to the planet, telling any survivors where the underground emergency bunkers were located. Without telling the Leadership Council, I had spent over 40 years of my time on M-110 tunneling through the poles and setting up enough supplies to sustain about 25% of the population for 20 years!

When I arrived back on earth, I was somewhat surprised to learn that the satellite had been coordinated to send messages back to Earth! The survivors in the north and the others in the south had combined their efforts and after 5 years, the planet had recovered and was replanted! The survivors thanked the scientists of Earth for the gift of knowledge, and I realized that being decommissioned was not a bad thing. Mission accomplished!


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He had spent many a happy hour inside the clock tower, doing maintenance and replacing gears. It had become his hobby, then his lifestyle. His only time to spend on his own was on Sundays. After mass, which he enjoyed mainly to hear the steeple bells, he would visit his brother in the next town. Having Sunday lunch with his brother and his family on their dairy farm was always the highlight of his week!

As he came home after a fine birthday party for his 13 year old niece, and promising to take his nephew on as an apprentice, he said farewell and headed home. As he approached the town, he was shocked to see the clock in town square frozen at 12 noon! As he entered the town, all of his friends and neighbors looked like statues!

He slowly rode through town, and finally came to the other end of town. He wasn't sure exactly what had happened, or what he could do. Since it was getting dark, he chose to go home and come back tomorrow. However, a quick trip to the church for prayer seemed a good thing to do.

The steeple bells, which usuallldy chimed at noon, were also frozen! He lit a candle and prayed for guidance. After a light dinner at home, he went to bed, thinking maybe fixing the bells and clock tower might help. Dawn came quickly, and the light of day had brought no change to the little village.

He realized that he could get more done if he collected his nephew, and got him started on the clock tower while he worked on the steeple bells. A quick trip found his nephew comihis was on the road. After a quick conversation, his nephew agreed to send word to his father and go back to the village with him.

It only took him an hour of instruction to show the nephew what to do for the clock tower. After his nephew assured him they could finish in about 6 days, he loaded up his equipment and rode over to the church for the steeple bells. Then, he noticed the father, frozen in the pulpit, and a letter in his hand!

The letter was from Maggie McBride, the young girl that had been excommunicated 20 years ago! She told the father to sell the church to her, or the entire village would be frozen for 7 days, then disappear forever! The only way she would recant the spell would be if an outsider would be able to start the clock and ring the bells in unison, before the week was up.

He found a quickly scrawled note at the bottom of the letter, clearly by the hand of the father. It stated that if the correct scripture was quoted while the clock tolled and the steeple bells rang, the village would be free of such a spell forever! I looked at the open Bible, and his finger was frozen at the verse that stated "...nor anything else in all creation shall be able to separate us from the love of the Father, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord."

I quickly wrote down the verse, and headed up to the steeple. I realized that the only reason the bells couldn't ring was that someone had put enough water on the gears to rust them! I quickly used my lubricant, and after one day, the bells were ringing once again.

I hustled over to the clock tower, where I found my nephew hard at work. His hours of labor had freed up most of the gears, and then I saw it. Someone had taken a sledge hammer to the mainspring, and it was destroyed! I knew the only was to get a replacement was to take the train for 1 day to Central City. So, I assisted him in all the remaining maintenance, and we planned to take the train the next morning.

As we woke the next morning, and arrived at the train station 30 minutes ahead of the train, I noticed someone watching my nephew from across the platform. As I finished my telegraph to Central City, and confirmed the mainspring would be ready, a woman had engaged my nephew in conversation. I recognized Maggie McBride!

I told my nephew that we should have a bite to eat before the train arrived, asked her to excuse us, and took him quickly across the street to the diner. I told him about the letter, and asked him if she had threatened him or the village. He said she wanted him to help her get home, but I had interrupted before he could respond! Now, he was anxious to avoid her!

The trip went as planned, and his telegraph to his father meant he would meet us at the train depot near the village to help transport the mainspring to the clock tower. My brother was happy to help us with the remaining work, and we finished the mainspring on day 6! However, each morning found us missing more and more animals from the town!

Finally, it was almost time. On day 7, near noon, Maggie McBride entered the village from the south side, and had a small army of men behind her! I was stationed in the church steeple, my nephew in the clock tower, and my brother was in front of the pulpit. Maggie laughed and threatened as she led to army of cattle rustlers and looters into the village, stating the church and the entire village would pay for her excommunication!

I hit the right lever, and the steeple bells rang out! My nephew activated the mainspring and the clock bells tolled! My brother quoted the scripture loud and long! Maggie McBride screamed and covered her ears! From the north end of town, a crowd of farmers and villagers approached her and her small army!

The opposing sides met at the square, right in front of the clock tower. The sheriff and his 5 deputies held their rifles on the lead horses. Then, the father came running out of the church and called for quiet. I watched this from the steeple, hoping for a miracle!

My brother was at the father's side, holding the Bible. Maggie McBride was livid, and began to swear vengeance on the father and the village! Then, my nephew came out of the clock tower, and stood right in front of Maggie McBride! Her jaw fell, as she realized that the boy who told the father of her attempt to burn down the church was standing right in front of her.

My nephew told her that if anyone deserved to be punished, it was him. He would gladly let her do whatever she chose if she left the town alone. My brother protested, but my nephew was adamant. She began to tell my brother that his son deserved to die for exposing her 20 years ago, but the sheriff called for quiet.

Since he had been sheriff for over 30 years, he remembered the night he arrested her for attempted arson. He told the village of how her parents were dearly loved, but she had been a horrible child. That night, they took her to the church to pray for her, and she grabbed the candles they had lit, and threw them at the father. His robe caught fire, and he barely managed to remove it before he was burned! The robe caught the curtain of the confessional on fire, and while the father beat the flames out, her parents were cornered by the flames and died!

Maggie McBride escaped the fire that night, but the father had her excommunicated, and sent Maggie to prison. All these years in prison had driven her nearly mad, and her only wish was to punish the village and church for her parents death! As my nephew finished his story, he also confessed that he was the one who grabbed Maggie out of the fire, but then took her to the sheriff.

As the story was told, more and more of Maggie's small army made their way out of town, realizing Maggie had deceived them. Maggie broke down in tears, and the sheriff and his deputies took her away. The father asked for leniency, and she was put in an asylum.

The entire town turned out that night, and honored my nephew for his heroism. The sheriff asked for the graves of the parents of Maggie McBride to be cleaned and adorned with new angels. I was able to retire after only one year with my nephew, and I always smile when I hear the clock chimes and steeple bells!


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I had watched her grow up, content to be her pet dog. I would only change form at night, after she was asleep. I usually chose the form of a special ops soldier, since that was my former owner! I learned a lot from him, including the value of "shock and awe"!

I had also picked up on his quick assessment of people, and this new intruder did not smell good at all! Since my owner took me with her to move out, she had spent many lonely nights telling me about her dream man. However, this guy struck me as a nightmare!

I tried to warn her by forging letters from her parents and brother, but nothing worked. She was convinced that if she was patient, he would change. Even the nice landlady told her to kick him out, but she was just too stubborn!

Finally, the day I dreaded came. The intruder came home, yelling and stumbling through the door. He insisted that my owner had told the police about his dealer, and she would pay for his fixes from now on! When she told him to leave, he shoved her to the floor! She screamed for me to get help!

I ran around the side of the porch, and shifted into the soldier form. I quietly moved through the door, where I found him on top of her, screaming in her face! As he raised his hand to hit her, I grabbed his wrist and broke it! He yelled in pain, and I put a knee in his back and put a zip tie on his hands and feet.

The landlady came in with the local police, just after I ran into the next room and shifted back to dog form. I barked in his ear, and went to comfort her. She petted me and told me what a good dog I was! The police took him away for possession and assault, and he went to prison.

The cops were amazed that my owner was strong enough to break his wrist and zip tie him! She swore that a soldier with a helmet came in, did the deed, then disappeared. Since no one could verify this, she figured someone was watching out for her.

About a year later, a new intruder came to meet her. Something was familiar about his scent, and as I came downstairs to check the new boyfriend, I recognized my former owner! Our reunion was great, and the form of a dog became a permanent lifestyle!


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He was never a fan of sunlight. He was nocturnal from the time when he understood what that meant. That was why his parents signed him up for night school at the age of 6. That was also why he made it a priority to finish school, even if he had to do it online!

The job at 7-11 had sustained him through community college and his online courses. After his undergrad days, it took a lot of saving and planning, but he finally bought his own franchise. This made it easier to keep a low profile but still make a living. His place was only a few blocks from the store, and none of his employees minded the fact that he preferred the graveyard shift.

The only night he insisted on having off every year was Halloween, which his shift manager turned into an all-night Halloween bash! No one ever questioned his lifestyle, since he trained more than 100 managers and 20 franchise owners during his 50 year career. The franchise had been good to him, and he knew almost every face that came into his store.

The year came that an apartment building next door was leveled, and a large Catholic church was built in its place. There was talk about his retirement, and his shift managers seemed to be getting more and more Catholic customers. While almost none of the catholic customers came during the night, a young priest had been seen standing on the church steps and praying toward the 7-11. Each time this happened, about once a week, the owner was usually not at work.

As the years went by, the young priest moved up to the next priest to take over the parish. He was now praying every night, around midnight, on the church steps. The franchise owner had tried to dissuade him, but the neighborhood always sided with the priest and the parish, which had opened up a parochial school, and offered quality education for reasonable rates. The parish was thriving, and the owner seemed to have been forgotten.

After being there for 20 years, the church transformed the seedy neighborhood to a safe haven for young families. The 7-11 was bought out by one of the church members, and became the new parish headquarters. An article appeared in the local paper, noting the changing of the neighborhood. Next to that article was another article about several other 7-11 franchises that had moved into scary parts of town. All were owned by the same man who started that corner 7-11.

The priest was now the parish director. He made plans to open up churches and schools near each of these new 7-11 locations. Eventually, the priest was seen praying on the steps of each church or school until the day he died. However, the habit of midnight mass caught on at every Catholic building across the world. No one knew what happened to the nocturnal man who started his business at that corner, but every 7-11 that was even within sight of a Catholic ministry was soon bought out by church members. The entire chain began to help transform neighborhoods across the world, because of the simple prayers of one man!