robin_tern t1_jees90b wrote

Most likely a mockingbird, if it is in a built up area like Van Vorst Park. They are medium-small birds, grey/white with long tails.

My namesakes, Robins, are also vocal in the Jersey City parks, but I wouldn't describe their song as beautiful exactly.



robin_tern t1_ja4khvt wrote

Absolutely should be used for little league baseball and for adult baseball on the big field, which it is. However the problem is it is empty so much of the time, and when it is empty it is locked up and nobody other than a few well connected people can use it.

It is criminal that a city sports field is idle as much as those fields are, that big grass baseball field could be used way more than it is. My fantasy is to setup a time lapse camera on that field to show how much it is empty, and take the video to a council meeting.

Again, nobody is proposing taking field time from little leagues (or big leagues), rather to make the field available for use when it is otherwise empty.