rodolphoteardrop t1_iurndzw wrote

I was once stuck in at a job in an office that had the radio on. In the space of 2 hours I heard the same song 4 times. Twice an hour. Do you know how "popular music" becomes popular? (Hint: it's got very little to do with whether is a decent song or not.)

I'm not going to apologize for actually listening to music than putting it on in the background and ignoring it. The music industry isn't about music. It's about profits.

There was an article awhile back about Sufjan Stevens. They did a focus group and found that the vast majority of random people liked his songs. Even with that, he couldn't get industry backing.

Look. I get it. You want your choices made for you. You'll like what you're told to like. Good for you. The fact is that there is a ton of amazing music that people will never know about because the monopolies that run radio won't play it.


rodolphoteardrop t1_iuqwqw3 wrote

If you're getting your music from the Billboard top 10 then you're lazy and the problem is you. Part of the reason the world is shit is that people just accept what's given to the Billboard top 10. Search out music you like rather than passively listening to the radio.