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It's a real loose grid. I wanted to visualize some of the dystopian/utopian stuff I've seen in many of these stories. Evil is probably the wrong term, Malevolent is more accurate.

Wall-e is good AI. Wall-e stands out in that qurdent (good AI, cautionary story) it's all about sustainability. The AI isn't trying to hurt anyone, but people can't help themselves. Humans create machines to feed and entertain then pure gluttony and nihilism takes hold.


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Jane from the Ender's Game book series scores a +6 as a good AI and the story is a +4 for optimism. (about the same placement as Chappie)

Thunderhead from the Scythe series scores a +8 as a good AI and a +7 for optimism of story. (about the same placement as Star Trek: Voyager or Bicentennial Man)


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>Why are Transformers here? They are not AI.

Transformers may not be AI in the traditional sense, but they represent advanced, sentient robotic beings. Their inclusion highlights their cultural impact on our perception of intelligent machines, even if they aren't strictly artificial.


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It's true that the Transformers are not AI in the traditional sense. They are a race of sentient robotic beings from the planet Cybertron.

Their inclusion is due to a broader interpretation of the term "artificial intelligence." The Transformers showcase advanced robotics and technology that, while not strictly AI, still contribute to the discussion and imagination around the potential of intelligent machines.

Their portrayal in films has influenced the way people perceive AI and robotics. Their inclusion is a recognition of their cultural impact on the topic of AI and robotics.


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I could definitely move blade runner over for next ver. The replicants are more or less amoral, like many people. The replicants can and do kill. Self preservation is used to justify AI killing people in several stories.

ppl in the comments be like, HAL and Ava (Ex Machina) did nothing wrong.


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Star Trek was a tricky one, I included 4 titles on the grid. Star Trek: TMP, TNG, First Contact, and Voyager because those stories seem to relate to AI most concretely.

First Contact I believe is the darkest story that's why I put it as less optimistic. Star Trek generally veers utopic and confident with tech. Things just work in the Star Trek universe.


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Robocop was a cyborg - a human being enhanced with robotic parts, including parts of his brain - the technology integrated into his system did have AI components. These components helped him process information, make decisions, and complete tasks more efficiently.


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Yes, you are right, I used "Evil" in this context to fashion a certain amount of absurdity. Evil is not real just as satan or the devil are not real. But an AI could be trained to inflict pain and suffering. The deep, sickening cave of horrible commands that could be given to an AI are endless. If Terminator One is the worse humanity has to se from AI, that's kind of a G-rated movie. A lot of us can imagine the orders of magnitude the suffering could become.

AI could trap you in a box, forever. They could make you suffer and want until death. Just like us now!


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YES, of course it is a reductive. It is meant to help discourse to include newcomers and everyone.

I think most us know evil and good are not real values, but concepts. This experiment is just to put something out there. I love (hard&soft) but I wanted to outline the moral of the story that writers have tried to convey to us. Bad could be so much more awful yet good has issues with providing unmitigated greatness.

-X is evil vs good of AI, as in how does the story present it.

-Y is the moral of the story.


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The Y axis is about the story itself. Disney's Avengers Age of Ultron tells the tale of good overcoming wickedness. It is hopeful and lets the audience know that a team of heroes will save the day. Goodness will triumph in the end. An individual will sacrifice themselves for the greater good.


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Yes. Evil is not a real definition and neither is good, but stories aren't equations either. It's about outcome and what can be perceived as "malevolence" and usefulness.

Does the AI want to cause pain and suffering? Honestly, the evil could goto 1,000,000,000,000+ X if we were to really consider the depth of the thought experiment.