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The tunnel goes under the Federal Building and Federal Courthouse. If you commit a Federal felony, you might get a free trip through the tunnel, but you won't see much.

tl;dr: Federal Marshalls say no, you can't go through the tunnel.


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For the true New Haven experience, Pantry on State Street for breakfast. You could also do Chapps on Chapel if you want to walk. Otherwise, G Cafe and Pistacio for coffee/bakery. Neither opens super early.


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She needs to go to a sober house. If she wants to have her own space that badly, she wants to use. There are plenty of opportunities for addicts to get help. They have to want it.

My advice to you is to lovingly disengage. Don't give her any money. Don't research for her. Don't do anything that relieves her of her own personal responsibility. Involving yourself is only going to lead you to pain.


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Try some of the parks and rec departments for affordable and low commitment classes.

Libraries have or can direct you to book clubs or other clubs that might meet in their library.

Volunteer with an organization; meet people and do some good.

Join a church. There are ones that aren't totally crazy. Mainline protestant or Unitarian generally don't run cults but offer plenty of opportunities for socializing.

Join a community choir (or church choir) or orchestra if you play an instrument.


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(I don't really drink hot cocoa but...) There are so many coffee shops downtown that you could make a fun hobby of visiting them and trying their cocoa and let us know.

Willoughby's is a block from Starbucks and I'm guessing their cocoa is delightful for instance.

G Cafe is two blocks

Pistachio is 4 blocks.


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Reply to Pool by Yes1714

Try New Haven Parks & Rec. Some schools have pools and they have public swim times. You can also check with the YMCA. They have a pool on Howe.


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You will be absolutely fine. There is plenty of foot traffic in that area at all times of day and night. You are just about across the street from the Yale Security offices. There are plenty of good restaurants within a block or two and the rest of downtown and Yale is just beyond that. Stop & Shop is only a short walk, though I might only do that in the daytime as the Elm St side can get a little squirrely at night.

Use common sense and take the same precautions you would in any city and you'll be fine.

In general though, New Haven is a great little city that punches way above it's weight in terms of culture, restaurants, bars, clubs, arts, music, etc.

Edit: I live a couple of blocks away from there and have never had any problems.