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For me it's really one of the only things that consistently gets me out of my own head and makes you feel happier and more confident etc. It also got me to buy various supplements like vitamin D that can be helpful for poor mood. Having what is effectively self care as a hobby you enjoy is great for your wellbeing


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I was feeling like this but since really putting my all into resistance training, my whole life has improved. My mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, sleep, appetite, mood. Literally everything. If you say you have low energy levels, resistance training can seem like a lot at first but it makes you feel like you have a lot more energy. It's very therapeutic to just spend time on your own working on doing something for yourself with obvious positive benefits like that. I really couldn't recommend it more, you just have to take 40minutes-1hr out of your day, everyone can afford this and it's worth it.


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Thank you, I’m glad to see there are others like us out there. I now have a strict rule of no phatic communication and no eye contact while on the clock. Initially it began out of a bit of awkwardness on my part, but after sitting to one side (for the better part of a decade) and listening to some of the absolute dross these phillistinian pigs come out with, I am in actuality glad that I maintain my self-imposed isolation. It’s always refreshing to see people do exist like me out in this crazy, funny thing we call “Earth”.

Take care brother… and remember, never change… for ANYONE.