rottenromance t1_iu6dlv0 wrote

Oh, man, this is how I looked after seeing them in December 1995. I had a final exam the next morning and had driven 4 1/2 hours to see them. I barely made it back in time. Didn’t have a chance to shower, barely had time to change clothes.

When I showed up to the lecture hall for the final, everyone was staring at me. I got asked, hesitantly, “… were you… uh… painting?”

When I sat down, the person next to me leaned over and not-really-whispered, “what happened to you?!”

I replied, with a groan, “GWAR.”

The Meatmen were on tour with them. I was right up against the stage and I guess I didn’t look impressed with their opening act. Because the lead singer hit me in the head with a 2’ long double-ended dildo. I literally got dick slapped. 😆😆