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It’s a basement. You’re seeing the bottom but likely there’s a second 2x4 the drywall is attached to. The gap is for movement so if there’s any it does not break the drywall unless it’s extreme then you have other problems. The air movement is probably because cold air sinks and the slab behind is cooling the air that’s getting in via other intrusions and thus you have some airflow. Trim is fine.


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Because everything that goes with the CPU has become 2-4x the cost of the CPU and unless you can dump serious cash there's very little benefit to people who already game on rigs that do just fine at 1080p. Prices need to come back down to earth, but good luck explaining that to wall street.


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Problem is at around 10nm chips quit getting more efficient power wise. Below that the amount of power to drive the chip began rising quickly. A 3nm chip will need more power than a 5nm chip. Apple saw this and moved to RISC based chips because RISC requires less power on the same sized chip process.

GPUs are really hitting a wall because of this as well.


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They troll through data all the time to find trends. Some alternative medicine treatments come from such data hunts. If they find that people taking X but also have Y and it causes Y to be less of an issue even though X was for another condition the medicine is clearly impacting Y as well. So then a proper study on the medicine is done against Y.


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I’ve seen people do ray traces on 386s in high school. Took overnight to generate, but the point is. Intel has a lot of data on this process over those years. GPU makers have just only delved into ray tracing. This is the 3rd generation and frankly both have again made incremental improvements rather than producing a breakthrough product. Perhaps to keep selling GPUs.


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Build solar at the poles with proper transmission and you could power the world 24/7.

Geothermal with the new mmWave drills is the real answer here. This new drill can get down deeper and cheaper than conventional drills and makes it where you can build geothermal in any location. The best part is the drill produces its own casing as it goes down.

There are options other than nuclear that work 24/7 and have near zero risks.


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What happens to the area around a nuclear plant when it melts down vs what happens to a wind turbine that falls over? The risk/reward is not worth it period. Quit pretending that there’s zero ecological cost to nuclear they also use rare earth elements and carbon intensive construction methods. You also never seem to account for ten thousand years of storage costs of the material.