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I took SEPTA for over 20 years until the pandemic hit, tried a few times since then and was dissatisfied and now have switched to exclusively car commuting. It was a direct result of reduced regional rail schedules and deteriorating conditions on the NHSL/MFL as my alternative. I hate paying for parking everyday, but it has been worth for me for now until SEPTA is a feasible option again.


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A large percentage of the wage tax is paid by non-residents, so it doesn't make any sense for the city to flip them for reason alone. Even pro athletes and performers who come to Philly for a game or a show have to cough up their share of wage tax for the salary they collect while here, even if just for a day.


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It's two attorneys working it (and I'm sure a bunch of support staff in the background), so it makes sense that you as a single attorney would be half. The district claims that insurance will be covering the bill, which is why they probably didn't shop around all that much. And, maybe the insurance company even dictated which firm they use, because they could be on the hook for a much larger payout if they lose.


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Just hope that the real estate tax elimination folks don't get their way, because they have proposed increasing income tax by 50% and sales tax by 33% in lieu of real estate taxes. Commercial property owners would be given a gift of free real estate taxes that would be made up for on the backs of residents. In my township, 40% of the real estate collections are from commercial properties, so that's a hell of gift to them and a huge burden for the residents. Not to mention that real estate taxes are a predictable stream of revenue, but income and sales taxes decrease during times of recession, which leads to shortfalls and even more tax increase down the line.


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FWIW, until just a couple of years ago federal employees got no maternity leave (only whatever sick time you managed to save up), so many of those court employees were back at work at 10-12 weeks and pumping. While it's super hard, it's not impossible, but I truly sympathize with the OP on the childcare front.


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Having worked a white collar job for the city with a residency requirement, I can say that the majority of my coworkers applied to charter schools for their kids. If they didn't get in, they sent their kids to private/parochial schools. All that to say some people stay in the city because of their jobs or because they don't have enough saved to make a move to the burbs, and especially in the Northeast, many stay because they have family roots and neighborhood connections, often spanning generations, that they cherish.

I don't think charters keep as many people in the city as they just offer an alternative to families that would otherwise send their kids to private schools. I also think the demand is lower post pandemic because many switched to Catholic schools that were open for in person instruction and never switched back.


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A few parking tickets (which is what it sounds like you want with the cop example on your OP) isn't going to make people switch from driving to SEPTA. It also won't make people stop driving altogether. Some of us rely on our cars to get to work, because there is no transit nearby or several transfers and 2 hours to get to work versus a 30-minute Drive will never be appealing. It's survival, not self-interest, and when you have kids it's a matter of caring for other people, because I have yet to find a daycare open past 6p.


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It's the same union, but different locals. It was the United Transportation Union, but they merged with Sheet Workers to make the SMART union. In any event, they are terrible and a SEPTA bus driver even proved that the union was actively working against him and aiding SEPTA in disability bias. He won a $284k judgement against the union.


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Letting museum space sit any empty instead of generating revenue seems like poor management at this point. My kids loved that sleepover so much, we ended up purchasing a family membership right afterwards. They also haven't brought back their summer camp program, which I'm sure was a profitable program.