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Yeah, Milic came up clutch a number of times. USA looked great in the neutral zone, had a lot of great chances in the slot. The US just had no presence in front of their own net, that killed them other than the empty netter, and Canada's 4th line goal I think each goal was either in the blue paint or just outside of it. Even that 4th goal was close in the slot.

They even bounced back well after the first Goalie Interference, which was still questionable in my eyes, the second was clear GI.

It was a miracle that the weird bounce off of Milic on the US PP, which ended up right in front of the empty crease didn't end up in the back of the net.


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She just got loose from their own yard, sounds like they just live near the trails, Vancouver Island is a pretty rural area. I've had that happen, it's an awful feeling, my indoor cat managed to pop out the screen of a window and go on an adventure. He was only gone for a few hours, but still felt awful not knowing where he was.