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The cops used to ticket. I haven't seen any effort to keep the shoulders clear since air traffic picked back up post-quarantine. I've done dropoffs/pickups at the airport maybe half a dozen times in the last couple of months and the people waiting on the ramps is as bad as it's ever been.


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AirBnB is great as long as everything goes smoothly. If things get messy, AirBnB treats you like you're a scammer until you prove that you're not. I used AirBnB a fair amount in the past but after my first experience with AirBnB's 'customer service' people last year, I'll never rent through them again. (Short version - Our rental's heater couldn't keep the place warm, the absentee landlord said it was our problem, we turned to AirBnB for help, and they treated us like dirt.)


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The simple fix is to just follow the rules. Absentee ballot rules are easy to follow and the forms make it very clear what you're supposed to do. Could it be easier? Maybe. Have absentee ballots been used for fraud in numerous previous elections? Absolutely. The easiest way to protect your vote is to follow the process.