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If you are planning to “just go into Bangor for medical care” as many are suggesting, please know that everyone in Northern / Western Maine has the same idea, and Bangor does not have the infrastructure. The wait time for appointments here is weeks to months. My daughter had a toothache and it took five weeks to see a dentist. The system is very much overwhelmed.
My daughter also has special needs at school. She was asked to leave pre-k due to behavioral issues and it took us six months before there was an opening at a specialized facility. I have family members insist to me “the schools have to accommodate her disability, it’s the law” but the law can’t force special education teachers to move here and work.

(Plz note that I am very aware that ‘I’m not in traffic, I am traffic’ and I’m not blaming outsiders or anything. Everyone deserves healthcare.)


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As someone who lives in Bangor- your needs will not be taken care of here. Northern Light owns every practice in town and they are a joke. I waited months for a urology appointment only to have the urologist tell me to just ask my GP for painkillers. EMMC fucked up their billing so bad that 6 months worth of procedures and follow up appointments were sent to my insurance as one $35,000 line-item marked “etc.” I spent eighteen months being repeatedly sent to collections and having my credit score trashed because they can’t get their shit together. The entire medical complex has one phone number which will connect you to a random operator out of state somewhere, with no way to escalate or speak to anyone knowledgeable if something goes wrong, which it will.

tl;dr if you need urgent care, mental health services, or rely on insurance to help cover costs, Bangor’s not the place to be


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I can’t hear well so what I’m seeing here is text on top of emojis on top of text on top of photos. I have absolutely no doubt that Northern Light did everything they’re being accused of but this is indecypherable and will do nothing to persuade people who didn’t already hate them.


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When I was in Acadia, the doctor went home for the night and there was no one to sign my release when my 16 hour hold was up. Three employees stood next to each other and lied to me saying that Maine had no rules about how long a patient could be held involuntarily. None of them would commit it to writing or even initial something I wrote indicating that I was understanding them correctly.
So yeah. Northern light employees will not only knowingly break the law but they will also happily lie to your face about it.


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It’s less about the tea and more about finding some thing that your irrational depression is begrudgingly forced to admit might help. For me, I get low fast if my sugar/protein ratio gets way out of whack. When sitting there sure that I will never be happy again I am forced to admit that I have been wrong about this exact scenario before, when in reality I just needed a sandwich.
I’m not sure that many normals can explain that though.