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I think the point is not necessarily to worry about where the money is going but rather that the money is circulating through the economy. Hey if Jimbob down the street wants to smoke away his whole UBI check that’s fine because it goes to someone who spends it then it gets spent again, etc etc. good for the economy!


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Actually no we’d have solved shit because at every turn it’s “well this will never work let’s give up immediately! We have no more willpower or brainpower to wonder or think of experiment”

Which says a LOT about them and their mindsets. Some people don’t get the same education as others and it’s really sad to see.


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It’s the lack of awareness of the game. They get wrapped up in it and forget reality.

I play basketball aggressively, angrily almost. But when I’m off the court there’s no need for any of that. I am aware of the game I am playing.