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I do see this perspective, but I have a different take on it. Just because you can give a name to a character trope doesn't mean the whole surrounding film is bad as a result. Garden State cleverly depicts the transition into adulthood using subtleties and symbolism, even if some of the characters are cartoonish and unrealistic. This doesn't just apply to Portman's character. The overall result is still a good film that can elicit emotion.


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>For their study, the researchers used a blog post on the CREST.BD website and social media advertisements to recruit a sample of 541 individuals who were at least 18 years old, had a self-reported bipolar disorder diagnosis, and had used psilocybin to achieve “a full psychedelic trip.”

>On a five-point scale from “Not at all” to “Extremely harmful,” the participants rated the harmfulness of their psilocybin experience as 1.6 on average. In contrast, they rated the perceived helpfulness of their psilocybin experience as 4 on average.

>However, 32.2% of participants reported experiencing negative or unwanted outcomes during or in the 14 days after a psilocybin trip. New or increasing manic symptoms were the most common side effect. Eighteen people reported the use of emergency services during or in the 14 days after a psilocybin trip.

So on average, participants thought it was more helpful than harmful, but 1 in 3 had worsening symptoms? Definitely needs more scrutiny.


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>Police say Hagedorn also admitted drugs and guns were in his house on Newburgh Road, as well as a large amount of money in a safety deposit box. Officers say search warrants of both properties turned up a large amount of cash, more than 173 grams of meth, nearly 22 grams of cocaine, and 24 grams of fentayl/heroin. They say they also found mushrooms, controlled pills, a digital scale, a gun, ammunition, and a ledger of people who owed money.

You are correct that addiction is a disease. This person sounds a bit more calculated than a relapsed addict though.