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I've never understood the desire for burgers that you can't even fit in your mouth. Isn't the point of the burger to take a bite that mixes all of the ingredients together all at once? This makes it impossible to eat that way so you end up with bites that are mostly bread, mostly meat, mostly veggies, etc.

I don't get it.


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This is very common in language often words get taken over by society to mean other than what was the original intent of the coiner.

Take "meme" for instance. Dawkins originally intended this to mean any idea that left an individual's mind and he described how ideas were comparable to genes in as far as how they died or thrived within the memetic pool of the society within which they exist.

Now it means crappy images/gifs.

As an aviation and airport runway materials sciences layman tarmac to me "means" runway. Society may have usurped it from its original meaning, but it is what is is now.


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And how was he "protecting himself" from some rando just running around on the field? Was the dude going after him in particular? Was he somehow a threat?

Answers to all of that are no. Bobby is going to get sued and lose a decent chunk of money. It was a stupid thing to do and he deserves what he gets.


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Really? Any sources on that? I've heard numerous stories of store employees accosting shoplifters getting summarily fired by their employers. Shoplifting seems like a worse offense than running onto a football field. And stopping a shoplifter seems a lot more tame than a pro athlete in peak physical condition and full pads tackling someone in shorts and a tshirt.


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Yes this. Corruption implies intent. There's no mastermind behind what you/we/they are being fed by the algorithms other than what facilitates engagement and generates revenue.

But it seems to me we're all worse off for it. Sure there is some great content out there, but the masses seem to want and consume the garbage for the most part.