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I'm waiting for when my HE-4XX start to fall apart. I got them November 2021, but they are still going good. I bought a new cable shortly after getting them because of how bad it was and recently replaced the pads because the old ones flattened agar a year of use. I love how they sound so much.


ryukin631 t1_iy48p17 wrote

There is something special when you close your eyes and try to pin-point every instrument being played and where they are in the room.


ryukin631 t1_it2iong wrote

As far as I know, I did nothing wrong with mine. I properly stored them and only used them when I was doing chores inside the house, which was usually once a week. Mine lasted for about 1 year as well and did the same thing that happened to you. I have the Chus, but I wanted them in my car for days that I didn't remember to bring my Arias. Funny thing though, I like the Chus more than the Arias lol.