rz2000 t1_ivy9v4o wrote

I think you're saying that including the find in one of their spooky mysteries(!) episodes is like treating it as part of their no-value, highly self-indulgent, entertainment.

I was walking to a meeting at 3 World Trade center when the first plane flew over my head, and everyone on the street ran because of the visible cloud of debris above us after it hit. No one I knew was killed, but many of my friends did lose people. A few years later a coworker based in Nebraska was at dinner with a group of New Yorkers, totally treating the entire incident as fodder for his mental masturbation. Sorry guy, I'm not interested in hearing about how there were no actual planes, or who knows a friend who knows a friend who has some of the dust that could be sampled, and, if you don't keep it down a litle someone in this restaurant who did lose a spouse or a child might come over and knock your lights out.

Real investigations into the truth behind disasters are extremely helpful in preventing future accidents, and in helping bring closure to victims. Nutty conpiracy theorizing, where all of the endorphins for the truthers come from disordered seeking out of mystery and not-knowingness, and automatically throwing out any facts once they become certain enough to feel mundane, is very different than slowly and deliberately building up facts necessary for a narrative that actually gets close to explaining most of what happened.