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Not really. Our solar system is not orbiting the black hole. We are orbiting the center of mass of the galaxy, and it's dark matter, not the black hole. The black hole is insignificant as far as orbits of the galaxy are concerned. The dark matter of the galaxy dictates the orbits because it is 5x more massive than all the other matter combined.


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It's a 3D image of the stars/galaxies we have mapped from Earth. You are seeing it from the side. It's from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


We can't map the entire sky from Earth because the Milky Way is in the way. It limits the angles we can look. That is why there is a big blank area in the middle.


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No but the gains we have left won't be things that people assume are possible like faster than light travel, faster than light communication, easy space travel, etc. All this stuff will remain super hard to do or impossible.

We will likely get better computers, communication technology, telescopes, better power sources, better computer learning, maybe AIs, faster travel across earth, but that's about it.

Going out of our solar system or between galaxies is never likely to be a thing that people will do.


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We can't run out of water. You can make fresh water from sea water. There is zero chance we run out of water.

Not many places do this now because it's expensive but if we don't have a choice it will be done. It's still far cheaper than doing anything in space.


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You can't see them, no paths for light lead to them. All paths lead to the center. Light can not go from them to you or vise versa. The only light you can see is from where you came from.

You'd see something like this.


Note, all real black holes spin and drag space with them in a tremendous vortex of warped space time like you see in this video.

Also all the light you see is from the accretion disk being bent around the black hole into your eyes from all sides of the black hole. The light you see may look strange but it is accurate and from the accretion disk. You see it everywhere because of how the space is warped near the black hole. Light from all sides of the black hole can reach you because of the warped space.


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No man, you fall in and you die. The black hole still is there. Sorry that is how it works.

Time is slowed for you and the black hole. So it will live on far far after it has crushed you into a pulp.

You are confusing reference frames. If your time is slowed, the black hole's time is slowed relative to an outside observer. So you are experiencing the same time. Not sure how it could age more quickly than you or more quickly than the outside observer when it is also experiencing time dilation.


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We have seen this already. We also have seen stars collapse into black holes. Not sue what you expect to come of this...

We can't observe it directly because objects in space are VERY far away and small. We can however see that there was a supernova and the star is gone and now there appears to be a feeding black hole because there are massive jets coming out of where the star used to be or a blank spot where it used to be.


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Nope. You only appear to be part of the event horizon to a distant observer. You actually travel to the center of the black hole and are crushed and die. It is inevitable because all paths inside a black hole flow to the center. It is actually impossible to not reach the center. Even if you change direction you reach the center. It is as inevitable as time itself. Trying to go out of the black hole is like going back in time and so is impossible.

You are confusing what a distant observer sees to what happens to you.


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First of all, there is no singularity. That is a mathematical object not a physical object. It represents where our math fails. Also you don't even have a complete picture because there are in fact multiple mathematical singularities inside a spinning black hole and it is far more complex than you are probably aware of. You have a novice interpretation of it.

Secondly, for you time is not slowed from your perspective. You pass towards the center of the black hole and reach it at a normal rate.

You would definitely die before the black hole does.

Spinning black holes (which they all are)... https://youtu.be/kIbP2Sg8y18