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Your entire line of posts shows you do not understand any of this stuff even remotely and are just spouting jargon you have heard from other people. People have explained it to you, you just don't understand it.

No tether can survive what you describe. You can't pull it back out because gravity is massively strong at the event horizon so you'd have to exert almost an infinite force to pull it back out which would rip the cable.

You are confusing someone floating across the event horizon with pulling something out because you lack the understanding of how forces work and how any of this works.

Floating across the event horizon is NOT THE SAME as pulling something back out.


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You can wear space suits on Earth just like you can on other planets. So you can definitely go out and gather more materials. You are naive. It is also easier because there is still some atmosphere that you can filter to provide breathable atmosphere.


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I don't think you understand that other planets are worse than a 2 mile high Tsunami. They don't have atmospheres, are too cold, have toxic soil, high radiation, almost no water, and zero life.

Other planets are worse than Earth and harder to colonize. It's not happening. Get over it.


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No they can't. It's easier and cheaper to build bunkers on Earth by an order of magnitude. Stop believing Sci-fi. Earth bunkers could survive anything practically. It's not even that difficult.


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No it wouldn't because no other planet is habitable so it's ACTUALLY safer to be on the planet that is only TEMPORARILY not habitable.

We can build bunkers for a limited amount of people to survive to the next habitable period. In fact, it's believed, this is what early societies did because there are massive cave systems in Middle East countries that people dug to possibly escape asteroid impacts in the past that caused massive flooding that we remember in most religions as the great flood. There are countless religions that document these floods and massive scarring in the US that indicates a massive flood happened around the same time, like 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. There is also evidence of asteroid impacts around that time.


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I don't need to study because I already know it LOL. I ignored you because I knew you were trying to act smart by posting trivia you just learned and thought no one else knew which wasn't relevant to the discussion. No one cares about light speed in a medium in the discussion we were having because it doesn't matter. I'm glad you learned something though! Good for you.


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There is nothing outside the universe by definition. It is expanding into itself. The distances between things are just getting larger. This is only where gravity doesn't have any influence. LIke between galaxies.


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Black holes don't "pull in" things like a vacuum. You have to be near them. Since space is expanding your scenario is unlikely. If you replace the entire milky way by a black hole with the same mass it would behave just like the milky way relative to nearby galaxies. They would be fine. Except for Andromeda because it's on a collision course with the Milky Way already.


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Bro, provide evidence you are right or keep learning. YOu can't just say things are possible with no evidence. This is how science works. You need evidence.

There is NO EVIDENCE that FTL is possible. NONE. ZERO. We've never witnessed it.

Our best math says it's impossible also.

If you can't accelerate to FTL you can't move FTL, and General Relativity says you can't accelerate anything with mass to light speed. It requires infinite energy.

Since infinite energy is IMPOSSIBLE then FTL is IMPOSSIBLE.

Unless we overhaul General Relativity, which hasn't changed in over 100 years, then FTL is a pipe dream.

The best minds have been trying to improve GR for 100 years and have failed. It has also been proven to be EXTREMELY accurate over those 100 years.

It is the MOST advanced understanding we have and the culmination of the pinnacle of our achievements and it says you can not go FTL because of having to accelerate to get to FTL velocities.

Warp drives do not solve this problem. They specifically ignore this problem because of how impossible it is. They do not work.

Wormholes also do not work.

Nothing we have ever thought of works. They all fail.

You are relying on a complete overhaul of everything we understand to make FTL possible.

It's not happening.


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I never said that. I'm saying, the things that are left that we don't understand will not likely lead to FTL because there are some basic laws of the universe you can not overcome no matter how much you learn.

Like the 2nd law of thermodynamics. You can never make a perpetual motion machine because of this law that was discovered a very long time ago. Nothing we come up with in the future will change this.

I doubt you comprehend how much we know and have verified about the universe so you don't even have a base of understanding to be skeptical about in the first place. I suggest you learn more and conjecture less.