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That would be seen as going after farmers and business and a ton of people worldwide would instantly and instinctively kick back hard at even the notion when brought up politically.

Just talking about and creating a 10 year plan for reduction of fertilizer use in Canada brought huge backlash and more than a lot of misunderstanding about what the plan even was. Didn't matter though more than enough people saw it as destroying the food chain and then that's all it was viewed as within months.


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When this AI stuff really exploded a few months ago, I was like "wow, the world is going to change in a big way"

As time as gone on I am beginning to think we are not far from this turning into the Wizard of Oz reveal that it is just a guy behind a curtain feverishly typing.

That or they thought the monkeys at the typwriters they've been training for generations were ready and they clearly aren't.


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If I'm not mistaken, Lecter has a extraordinary sense of smell. The man loves blood and knows a lot about it which would include knowing it's smell much more than the average person. So he most likely simply could smell it and is just part of the joys of talking with the man

You know, just Lecter being Lecter. Always playing games and and that is just part of it. He straddles the line of messing with Clarice and simple conversation from sentence to sentence.

He was most likely not telling the truth about the "what did Miggs say to you?" bit too. Probably thought it rude to say "me too." Would be kind of jarring.