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I really like his anecdote about watching GPT finish that Biology test with great success. It must have been amazing to be there in the room. The fact that it answers questions that were not on the training data set or that it can actually articulate answers for questions that ask you to rationalize instead of memorize is a great counter example for people that say "its just autocomplete on steroids bro".


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> Here is the issue: when every single person on planet earth can be a game developer it's like saying everyone can have their own podcast on Youtube.

I get your point but my counter argument is how many of those people will actually want to make a game, and how many of those have interesting things to say/are good enough gameplay designers. Unless we are talking about an AI capable of designing games too, then we are fucked.


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Im really looking forward to the way it may help us in science. Like i want it to derive Einsteins equation by themselves as proof its really smart. Or give it the most recent physic research and have it come up with new ideas. Stuff like that.


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"as cope for their lives, lives that they are not very happy with." I admit im one of them. But also because i just find the concept so freaking interesting, specially when we combine generative AI with VR tech and photoreal UE5 graphics, that has potential to be virtual drug.


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I feel for them and completly understand where they are coming from but i think ultimately (based on my current understanding of how this tech works) they are wrong.

One video that did trigger me latelty is this one that i've seen some people posting on Twitter when people say "its just pattern recognition" in a dismissive way, im like "WHO CARES! We teached machines to write code and paint!"


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Ok? The video is mostly focused on the work portion of the headset, and sure its not perfect now, but you can't expect it will stay this way forever. The tech will keep improving, people don't realize that with AI in the future instead of cartoony avatar you will get 98% true to reality avatars and enviroments with retina like resolution, it will be crazy real. They just need to keep working at it.


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I have huge hopes for GPT-4, i can't wait to see what is it capable of. I want to see the next gen of image generation AI, they need to perfect hands and make them better follow your input with just natural language (reduce the need for "prompting"). I hope text to video gets way more temporaly stable, although i think this may be too hard to achieve in one year.