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There's something about the combination of the deer and that license plate that's just hilarious.

Like it's a magic trick gone awry.

"Hey, me pull a deer out of this guy's trunk!"



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I think the 80s were more accepting of characters that manipulated others in order to have sex with them.

Dan definitely came off as a bit rapey. Unless they updated the character to have grown past that, I'm not sure such a protagonist belongs in media. Especially in an era when many young men idolize people like Andrew Tate and other figures of toxic masculinity.

It's broadly a good thing in our society that we no longer have characters like Dan portrayed sympathetically.


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Taxpayer-funded crack pipes (which I don't think anyone is promoting currently) is a better solution to addiction than criminalizing the problem.

Needs to go along with free addiction treatment, though, to be effective.

If there's anything we should have taken away from the crack epidemic (and the opioid epidemic), it's that criminalization of drug use only causes more problems and doesn't solve any.

As far as race, it's easy to say that race has nothing to do with anything...if your race is considered the "default" by society and you have never faced any systemic issues due to your race. Other people have different experiences.

LePage is a bigot and was not a good governor for Maine. I hope he loses.


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It's not racist to recognize that the history of crack is intertwined with black people because systemic racism relegated black people to poverty, living in ghettos, and other vulnerable situations. So that when the drug lords (with the help of the CIA) flooded the ghettos with cheap crack cocaine, desperate people in desperate situations got addicted.

Then you had a big racist moral panic about "crack babies" in the media.

But again, the much more significant issue in Maine is opioids, so why is LePage bringing up crack?


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Not the biggest fan of Golden (who thought it a good idea to do an appearance with Joe Manchin to, idk, show some "I'm an independent" solidarity bs), but this is good.

This is what "draining the swamp" looks like. Ending corruption in Congress.