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Is there actually a plan for through running MARC to Virginia? I’ve seen lots of proposals from transit advocates, but I haven’t seen anything from the relevant bodies. MTA wasn’t at the table when VA cut a deal with CSX and Amtrak over the Long Bridge replacement, and I’m not sure they’ve don’t more than study the other infrastructure hurdles.


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Join a run club (there’s one every day of the week); go to charm city trivia, pick a spot, see if a random team will let you join (we’ve picked up several players like that).

Orient Express is solid, if you order off their sichuan menu. In MV, got a lot of opinions. I loved Allora, Ash bar is fun but over priced, always had soft spots for Cafe Fili and Indochine. Sammy’s Trattoria can be great. Can not be. Don’t sleep on Soups On. Baby on Fire is better than Dooby and Bun Shop fight me. Other people like Wet City and swear that I’m wrong about it. Minato and Aloha are there and will scratch an itch but there are absolutely better spots. Station North, Old Goucher, Remington, etc. are an easy bike ride and have a lot of really interesting spots.


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They have full sized racks on the train but if they get full they turn you away, though the conductors have been saying there’s looking at putting the dedicated bike car on the Penn line train. Folding bikes are always allowed on the train. There’s also bike parking at Penn.