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Same reason you’d never see wild pugs, humans bred pets to be interesting looking(many times doing a grave disservice to their health). Stalking predators like felines are genetically pressured to blend into their hunting environment, so a long haired orange cat would suck at blending into a jungle, get eaten or starve to death.


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Why would you be investigated? You have witnesses, unless you, your copilot and attendant all have a history of being drunk on the job. Reporting crap like that to the control tower isn’t going to end with a black bag over your head by some super secret government agency.


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I believe most people would be more comfortable with a heat transfer system, but of course that’s more weight, more cost and more things to break.


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That would probably be more efficient. Honestly if operations expand there’s no reason a hybrid system couldn’t be utilized, as someone else mentioned the fission gives free heat.


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If it rings the moon it’s always daylight on half the panels. So I think the takeaway is that half the panels at any given time produce more than fission options.