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I'm so sorry this happened to you. This is why I'm glad they will be installing new fare gates. POSs like this shouldn't be allowed on the train, and I can almost guarantee you he didn't pay. Everyone deserves a safe, comfortable ride.

I'd also make sure you have reported this to Metro and even post on Metro GM Randy Clarke's Twitter. He is very active on there, and unlike previous GMs, he seems to genuinely care about the people who ride Metro.


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This is going to be unpopular, but I also blame parents for glorifying working from home. Kids look up to their parents as role models. Every day as a kid, I proudly watched my dad put on his work clothes and go to work in the morning. That helped motivate me to put on my school clothes (which back then wasn't pajama pants) and go to school in the morning. Now, if kids watch their parents sitting in their pajamas at home for work, it can be hard to feel motivated to go in-person to school every day. I'm not surprised that truancy rates are increasing.


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Interestingly, I think this is why Barnes and Noble is doing so well despite Amazon and online ordering (I just read they are making record profits and opening more stores). It is kind of best of both worlds - cafe atmosphere but also a library-like atmosphere where you are encouraged to sit and read all day.