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Yeah, that guy rides a desk and doesn't work for a living. Ain't nobody with a real job got time for that. I pay good money to have suitable tools come to me correct off the shelf. That's the whole point. I'm paid to fix shit for other people, not diddle around fussing over my own tools. That thing's 25 feet long and he wants me to check every half inch for accuracy? Get real. I got money to make.


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You're correct on the scale of millions of years, but when it comes to technologies that we can actually access within any kind of human horizon you are so, so, so wrong. We can turn our happy little spaceship into a sad, pathetic dust ball where almost every living creature is a sad, dirty human. Not because humans are intrinsically sad and dirty, but because without the other species the earth will be an extremely unpleasant place to live. But yeah, I understand that's too painful for you to think about, so go on and keep deluding yourself.


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Yeah, that's a basic paradox of security - has been for all time. If you let them, the security people will just continue to ramp up forever. It's totally reasonable to demand a clawback every now and again. ADS-B and real-time weather have nothing to do with letting the TSA strip-search people who are just trying to go on vacation. I shouldn't have to give up the contents of my phone just so I can attend grandma's funeral.

It's hilarious, and rude, to me that you've painted this picture in your mind of me as a "Christan conservative" who "stopped learning" with no idea as to the truth. You think I'm some right-wing moron who can't adapt to the future, but the truth is that I'm a Canadian liberal with a PPL who gives flight lessons to noobs in VR. I watched 9/11 happen, and I remember what flying was like before. Not everyone who wants their rights back is a Trumpy. Try not to make assumptions about people online, dude. You brought identity politics to a discussion about security theatre and that's just rude. You were a real prick to me back there with your "it pays to never stop learning" schtick.


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Yeah, we had airport security before we had post-9/11 airport security. Guns were tough to get through back then, too. And you didn't have to take off your shoes or your belt and they weren't allowed to go through your phone. There are other countries where their flights are just as safe and the lines aren't nearly as long. The thing about too much security is that it will always succeed.


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END THE TSA. Americans need to take back their freedom of movement and their right to privacy while exercising that freedom of movement. Nothing like 9/11 has even come close to happening since. It's a totally unjustified power grab and a massive waste of tax dollars.