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I didn't see it listed in the article because I might have read it too quickly but did they mention how much money they're cutting out the sports? College should be about education not giving kids body / brain damage for life. And considering the huge pedophile scandal that happened a few years ago you would think they would actually do something else instead of focus on sports.


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I feel there's several ways to look at it.

One: someone fucked up with the patient he had to take care of and the supervisor wanted the nurse to look crazy to cover their ass. Once you're accused of being on drugs/having a mental break down the more you deny the less people believe you.

Two: he was high/having a break down and needed intervention. The problem with this scenario is why ask him back five days later?

Either way something is very hinky.


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I'm speaking from experience. My mum got into a major car accident 10 years ago, she got $600 after the medical bills were settled because Medicaid / Medicare did not cover her health care due to the lawsuit. And on top of that I had to fight with Medicare for the next 3 years to cover problems related to that accident that popped up.