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"AI may not be ready at this level to share with people or vice versa. People are no longer prepared for this future."


He's right, you know, cus we are not as intelligent or mature as the great journalist Kevin Ruse, I am so glad he's here to protect me from the AI with his superior mind. I wouldn't be able to handle an AI chatbot, I'm so glad I have him to talk for me and keep my little mind safe.


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Yeah. Thats an issue.

I do think it's an issue that could be worked out before it becomes a problem tho.

Most of the population problem is resource management rather than space or waste. I think we're on the edge of sorting out a lot of the waste issues with renewable energy development and waste processing.


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Yes, because it's now in their lifetime, it's now in their best interests.

The reason old people vote conservative or mostly for their own security is because they are weak and frail. They vote in their best interests.

If they were 20 physically again they would vote for ideas and concepts that align with their physicality. They would no longer vote like a scared old frail person.

That brings the voting numbers more inline with people who are active in life, and actually have a future even if they were 100.


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It's not a joke, old people literally vote more than younger people. Thats why Young people often get fucked. Young people are too busy living in their youth to vote for their future.

This is not my opinion, it's what actually happens.

You get older people who are physically Young, then you shift the voting power.


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And the other option is we carry on as normal making the same mistakes generation after generation. The only way we are getting out of our current ditch is with some radical change.

One of the main reasons governments pollute is because the population lets them. Old people often vote more. Unfortunately they are ofcourse old, so they vote like old people, rather than healthy people with a 100 years or more life experience


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One way to think of it, is the general public would have a lot less worry about their family getting old and dying, the freedom of mind that would give can not be overstated.

And most people get more knowledgeable with age, that can only help our current situation.

The billionaires or "elite" won't go away even without no death. It's always been this way, and nothing has changed in 100's of thousands of years. It's always been like this. We're apes we have hierarchy.


Living longer could change society for the better. A massive ammount of our issues stem from our short lives where you only get a small chance to get things right.


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I think it's pretty obvious, 90% of people will go on as normal as unless Aliens are having a negitive impact on our every day life, there is literally nothing else to do.

Most people suffer so much in their lives that we're blunt to ridiculous nonsense and even alien life. We are so fucked by the realitys of life that it really doesn't matter at this point. Alien contact isn't going to bring back my loved ones, it's not going to change anyones ideas about god, thats far beyond life itself. It'll be a massive story for a year and we'll all just fade to gray as it's always been.