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It's comparable to Sura, which I have great disdain for yet still go every now and then (even though I order in Korean with the old lady they never bring my baby octopuses or gopchang until I order it like 5 times...)

There's no great ayce option, sadly. Naksan and Gopchang Story in Allston are good but way too expensive for the portions.


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It's expensive for being in the north shore ($46 for one person before a tip, $15 for one bottle of soju...This isnt downtown Boston but the prices say so), the food is ok to mediocre (bbq is ok but I dont like their grills, food like tteokbokki is mediocre), unimaginably unorganized (seating is a mess, not enough employees, no website...I hope just because they're newly opened).

Not worth the drive up if you're in the city but if you live close it may be worth your time to save the drive into Boston/Cambridge for k-bbq.

Source: live in Korea and Boston, Korean wife, etc.