sandarai OP t1_ixlbwt6 wrote

moondrop introduced this idea through the quarks dsp they recently released. it's going to be interesting to see how the tuning will change, because it will be representative of what moondrop considers an 'ideal tuning' - will it cling to their target curve (VSDF) or will they directly address people's gripes by refining treble and adding a bass shelf?

it's very unfortunate that the same cable is being used, so i'm starting to expect that the price will be the same. quarks dsp is the same price as og quarks.


sandarai OP t1_itpt7bc wrote

moondrop posted pictures of this iem a while back on weibo, when it was first in production. it looked massive tbh, a lot bigger than something like sony's wf-1000xm3.

i'm pretty sure it won't have anc, if i recall correctly from a conversation on the shenzhen audio discord a while back, and it might be tuned like a 'wireless kato'.

as with any new release, it's all about pricing! moondrop has to price this well to compete - the tws market around 100-200USD is very good, with products like the new galaxy buds and final audio's tws lineup.