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Um, I never said I advocated for it. I said there is nothing I can do to stop people experimenting with it. And I hope that for the sake of our children's futures, something good comes out of it. I never once advocated for this to be the right thing to do.

You might as well say you refuse to be treated by modern medicine because all the good that we are able to do now is sure as hell based on a bunch of human and animal suffering through the centuries of experimentation and getting things wrong. Much of the progress we have now as a human species has been built upon the suffering of those in the past.


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Cannibalism. Now that's something I haven't considered before... Maybe 2030 will be the year then.

Yes theroatically everything could be grown. Ears, heart, liver. The issue is that if these things become a niche product, it flips the economics on its head. Right now people use these things because they are readily avaliable waste products that are cheap. If they are niche products, they will most certainly become expensive. I can see how a chicken heart could cost more per gram than a high end steak. If this was the case, ain't no one going to be eating chicken hearts except at super fancy restaurants, which would be a pity.