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> Or perhaps, this line of research simply illuminates what is true for all of us, regardless of how many languages we speak: that our moral compass is a combination of the earliest forces that have shaped us and the ways in which we escape them.

This makes no sense. If people were asked to do something evil in one language, they would say "yes", but if they were asked to do the same evil in another language, they would say "no".


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> You reacted as though you were threatened. You didn't need to be explicit. It's called subtext.

Not sure how you can interpret me being threatened. You are entitled to believe whatever you want to believe and add whatever subtext you want to add, even when it's wrong. Have a nice day.


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> Why do you feel threatened by this?

I am not. Not sure where I said I was threatened by this. Here is my previous comment:

> The most useful member of society would convince everyone to scrap this junk "altruistic" system before everyone starves to death.

I stand by this comment.


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> the end game of the free market capitalism is feudalism where there are so few players there is no need for a market anymore. We are at that stage right now.

Maybe you should learn what the word feudalism means, and perhaps study some history before showing yourself how silly your comment is. Also, learn what free market capitalism is as well before you equate it to feudalism. It's ok, you can stop being a "serf" and create your moneyless one is going to stop you.