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This story is always misinterpreted, the tortoise only wins because the rabbit keeps fucking around, if the rabbit cared even a little he wins by a mile

The moral of the story is supposed to be taking nothing for granted not that being slow is a good thing


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This is more “happiness is a choice” dumb shit just worded differently, for people who are depressed there isn’t just a “choice” to be happy or positive about things


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Everyone acting like this is a problem is very funny to me

The solution is to simply implement some form of system that requires students to run programs like keyloggers to monitor their input while writing their essays and won’t accept them without the accompanying “proof” they wrote it themselves

It’s not that hard


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Cringe teenager trying too be too deep stuff here

Hate to break it to you but people have been sparing your feelings since you were born with white lies or lies by omission rather than hurting your feelings with the truth, grow up and accept it


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> Rooting for the Lakers or the Dallas Cowboys is like wearing khakis: You hardly stand out in a crowd. Loving the Wizards gives me a defiant sense of individuality. I can commune with fellow fans at a sports bar or game, but when I walk through an airport, even in D.C., I’m often the only guy wearing a Wizards cap. And honestly, I like that.

Yeah I’ve always suspected guys brag about being fans of loser franchises because they use that in lieu of a personality, they like being able to have a “unique” position as sports fans lmao it’s so stupid, I’ll never understand loyally supporting loser teams whose owners and front office are greedy or inept leading to being a bad team, why go to games when buy merch and give them your money? Just to act like you’re an interesting person, seems like you’re a loser twice over

The Knicks and Oakland A’s are the best example of this, James Dolan makes so much money as the Knicks owner and yet that team is routinely trash, it’s not competitive and it’s embarrassing to be a fan, Dolan doesn’t care about making less profits to build a contender, same goes for the A’s, fans talk about how they lose all of their players to bigger teams, but they lose them because the billionaire owner doesn’t pay them to stay, there’s no admiration or respectability in being a fan of that


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There’s a way to wave that signals you need help and aren’t just waving to say hello, one of those things parents should teach their kids, imagine if that passenger mistook them for just waving at the train

Edit: apparently she spent the daylight hours trying to get the attention of multiple trains and no one thought to help her, must have been rough to see the trains pass and no help come