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Computer networks send data one bit at a time. It’s a state change, either electrical or with light pulses. It happens faster and faster as technology improves, but it’s still just one bit at a time. Hence, bits per second.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a file or a digitized real-time data stream or a bunch of random characters, it’s sending one bit at a time.

Also, when you’re transmitting a file over a network, it’s not just the file that’s being sent. Overhead bits are added to the stream, whether it’s the source & destination addresses, fragmentation flags, error checking bits, and a slew of other bits used for controlling the traffic somehow.


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All of the computing shit that created social media, tracking cookies, privatized spying, algorithmic ideology pushes, deep fakes, tractors farmers can’t fix themselves, self-driving cars that run over people, toasters that must be on the internet or they fail, r/theinternetofshit, pattern searching resume reviewal bots, banking software that intentionally detects and and screws over people of color looking for mortgages, search engines that only return paid advertisements, Instagram influencers, Tik Tokkers, Logan Paul, and just a slew of wretchedness that comprises the modern Internet.


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This is gonna sound gross, but work on those customer-facing skills. Being able to translate customer requirements into something that works for them will still be a thing. I don't expect AI will be able to do that part of the job for a while, savvy people will still be needed between idiot customers and the actual final product.


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Are you good with people? You might want to consider IT project management. It’s not tech-heavy, but it helps to be tech-savvy because of all the terms that get thrown around. Your existing degree might be helpful. There are courses and certificates available. And if you are good at it, and IT prospects fall off, there are other industries that also require project managers. There’s also little need to be on-site for a job like that (unless the company is managed by dilholes that require it).

I’d do some research on it first, though. I’m in IT but am not a PM. Hopefully some will post here and tell me whether my idea is sh*t or not.