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For what it's worth, women had pants for sport (hunting, riding, tennis, etc) already during this time. They would be made to look like a skirt. Regardless this person seems to wear men's clothing for more than just function. They seemed to feel comfortable with presenting themself as masculine.


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I can't help but wonder if this person would identify as queer/LGBT today. When people say "nobody was trans/gay/etc before! Now it's a trend!" I get super annoyed. Queer people always existed but that doesn't mean they had the knowledge or words to realize or express that whereas nowadays it's widely known about and people can more easily realize it and express it.


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I'm from the US living in Belgium for 8 years now and I never get to see it. All the other broadcasts aside from NBC don't show everything. I need to be able to watch it the next day or in the weekend, as thanksgiving isn't a holiday in Europe. It's very annoying and I wish there was some way you could just pay to stream it after it's over.