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sawyouoverthere t1_j652x5i wrote not just "like a patient at a dr practice" then I guess, but being treated by the hospital as written. Not that SCA is anything to do with the conjoined twins, I don't think (I have no idea if there's any particular risk factor for conjoining)

But also....isn't that nearing a HIPAA violation to reveal who is a patient, when it's not part of the story in question? (I suppose the parents may have given consent for that to be shared)


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I don't know why they bothered to add that detail, since most people would not care where they took their children to hospital, unless it was the hospitalised children in question or they were currently in treatment there.

It's clumsy enough to not be just clumsy, but misleading.

eta: not only that but there are a lot more stories that say they were "adding to a family of five" and that there are three other children.


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I don't get it. What answers do they want? They live where there is a collective agreement that carrying weapons around is the only way to "be safe" and "protect themselves", and there's been a big push to have teachers and admin carrying. This is the result of all of those things, and it should be no surprise at all.

Yes, it's dangerous around kids. But y'all won't be told that this is the inevitable risk of all that in the first paragraph.


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Many places do. You may have seen it discussed recently around the polio cases in NYC and London (iirc on locations).

It's a really good way to get an overview of what is circulating in the population, without needing personal identifiers or individual collectons, and gives a bit of advance indication, since many diseases begin to show up in wastewater before they appear in drs offices etc where they are documented.


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Whether or not it is, that’s the reality.

People push back against new building codes and the last time I was in a thread that talked about the lack of insulation it was blindingly clear many European commenters didn’t have the first clue why that mattered for hot weather as well as cold (“it’s for keeping the heat in…”) and just wanted A/C regardless that the shitty insulation makes that grossly inefficient.

A/C is extremely energy demanding and yes, in most cases, that’s pollution generating