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I HAD three children. All of them are dead: 1 to cancer; 1 killed by a drunk driver and 1 killed by sleep apnea. My husband had 2 strokes in 2020, and has Stage 3B Kidney Failure. Next stage, he will need to be put on dialysis and a transplant list. He cannot shovel. I have COPD and severe arthritis. I do the shoveling, I hate it, it's painful, it takes me forever, but it's my responsibility. I don't think it's too much to ask neighbors for help now and then. I know all of my neighbors extremely well . But most are old like us and have the same physical issues. We all try to help each other. The younger people that live next to us we have known for 5+ years. We talk enough so that they know about our medical issues and more. We've offered them the use of our snowblower and I give them veggies from my garden in the summer, so I shouldn't feel guilty for asking them to give us a hand now and then. I can handle light stuff on my own, but heavy snow is too difficult. I'm far from selfish. I grew up helping others and still do as much as I can whenever I can.


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So my husband and I are supposed to just up and move from a state that both of us have lived in our entire lives because we can't shovel? The only family we have also lives in this state, specifically my MIL who is 85, and lives in the same city and we help take care of. She is lucky that her younger neighbors help her shovel in the winter.

When we bought our home 30 years ago, our nextdoor neighbors were elderly and we immediately, without being asked, helped them every time it snowed and in return the wife made us the most wonderful popovers. Now that we are older, I would hope that our younger neighbors that now live in that house would give us a hand. We do have a snowblower and offered to let our neighbor use it for their property as well but instead they shovel a lame 6 inch path on their sidewalk for people to barely be able to walk on. What ever happened to people helping each other out?


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Barely surviving. Latest issue is unexpected car issues that will cost $5K to fix for a 2010 Ford Escape with 90K+ miles on it and three more car payments. This is just the tip of the iceburg.


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My husband and I took the tax penalty for 2021 and we will take it again for 2022. We had to pay $1500 for the 2021 penalty. We were hoping to make monthly payments but they charge a HUGE interest rate. First month we sent $100 and they charged us $64 in interest the next month. Ended up putting it on a credit card and then transferred that balance to another card offering 0% for 12 months. The calculations you mention are the same for us - deductibles are out of control. Husband did sign up for insurance for himself for 2023 - premiums are $50 a month for him, BUT if he adds me to the plan, it is $400 a month to cover me. When I checked with the Health Connector the payments for me are also $400 a month. We cannot afford this. Healthcare is such a ripoff and I am pissed that we live in 1 of only 5 STATES that pull this penalty crap.


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The office did give the other person a citation, but I was still found at fault because I was the "last car in line". The person without the break lights hit the car in front of him, and then I hit that person. Worst part was, I just paid off my car the day before!


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I rear ending someone once (they stopped suddenly and had no break lights) but I was still at fault. I received 2 points and my insurance went up slightly.


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My house is 118 years old with poor insulation. I left all of my faucets running moderately Friday and Saturday. I would rather pay a higher water bill than pay to fix burst pipes. I also kept the door from my kitchen to my basement open and ran a space heater (only when I could keep an eye on it) pointing down to the basement to help keep it warmer.