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> Not saying you’re wrong, but there’s good reason to doubt businesses when they say the solution to pollution is dilution.

But it isn’t just a business.

It’s every nuclear authority on the planet saying it’s safe.


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Generally that’s just not true.

It’s dudes who are already abusive continuing to be abusive.

While pregnant women are less able to defend themselves, less able to run away, and have a greater chance of severe and potential injury.

The pregnancy plays more of a role in the abusive partner feeling the woman is being lazy for not doing the same tasks as quickly and increasing the frequency and severity of abuse as a result.


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> For those who don’t know, “jury nullification” was supposed to be a sort of a check on the judicial system that allowed a jury to say “not guilty” when they thought the law was being unfairly applied.

That’s not true.

It’s a bug not a feature.

And this is arguably a case of jury nullification. Guy committed murder but gets off because someone in the jury likes cops despite them being guilty.

It’s like the filibuster, regards of noble and heroic it may seem it’s actually used 99% of the time to fuck over the public and help abuse the system not help it.