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Fuck? No, I do clearly understand the definition of mass shootings, and I still stand by what I said. As far as them shooting at groups of people, don’t act like any of them have great aim, they shoot way more shots than they catching bodies. Gangs usually find a person out of territory, or it’s a targeted hit, whatever it is, but I hear less “mass gang death shootouts” than I do other mass shootings. I bet most of these mass shootings are actually school shootings, churches, supermarkets, movie theaters, college campus, military base, etc, wherever, I think they’re more lone wolf style in public places, not gang related. That’s all I’m saying, and until I see numbers, that’s my opinion. I respected yours, I just disagree with it. Now, do you get it?


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Yes sir, I’m sorry, you’re correct. Still, I’d like to see the numbers on that. I disagree, I think gang members kill within their own “world”, these mass shootings to my knowledge aren’t gang members. I can’t really recall any of them being gang members actually. Sorry for the mistake earlier.


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I’m sorry, but what the fuck does this have to do with what’s above. I see what you’re saying, most gun violence is actually suicide, okay. What we are discussing is that “95% of school shootings (school shootings is the main keyword here) are gang related with illegal firearms.” You didn’t bring anything relevant to that. Thanks for the suicide rate of gun deaths, but not even remotely close to what the discussion is about. Are 95% of school shootings gang related? Are 95% of school shootings with illegal firearms? From my understanding, and again I don’t have anything to back it up, just what I have gathered over the years from news outlets, is most of these are lone-wolf shooters who actually have legally owned guns. I want to see where this statistic is, not the suicide rate. Thanks anyhow.


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While I do understand and respect your opinion, I would just rather be safe than sorry. I have a few elementary aged kids, I do worry. People applying shouldn’t receive a hold back for a license for no reason, and I also think people should be able to “appeal” any hold backs, but I would rather have those safe guards than not have them. I am a pro gun person, I just don’t think “everybody” should have them. Who should and who shouldn’t, and up to who’s discretion? Great question and I don’t have all the answers, but I think where we are is a good start to a huge problem.


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This does make me feel just a little better. Granted, it’s not perfect and if someone truly wants to do something, you really can’t stop them, but at least we are doing better than some states who will give guns to anyone with a pulse.


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You keep trying to defend these two people, why? I agree they didn’t deserve to die, but their actions have consequences and these results aren’t surprising. What are you actually defending? Why are you against everyone in here? What’s its value to you? How can you not see that these men made their own bed and laid in it themselves? How are they the victim?