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I wish I had this...

I just got finished mapping all my breakers, outlets, and switches..... Omg I have no idea why a breaker is turning off a bathroom fan, bathroom light, a socket in bedroom 2 rooms down the hallway, and the pot lights in the living room

Its not like there's a shortage of breakers or anything. I have 10 slots still open. WHY. WHY! And where the F are these wires!


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Hahah okay, here is one.

Me: I need a song that addresses choosing between you wife and a new truck, but in the bridge, it alludes to there being a second wife. The guy is faced with choosing between his wife and a truck, but chooses the truck. As for the second wife, he is faced with choosing the second wife or a truck, and chooses a truck again. And it all need to flow like a story would.

ChatGPT: Here's a possible chorus for your song:

Verse 1: I've got a tough decision to make, Between my woman and this new V8. My old truck's seen better days, But my wife ain't happy either way.

Chorus: Should I choose my love or my ride? My loyal wife or my pride? It's a tough call, I'll have to choose, Between a woman and a set of wheels

Verse 2: I thought I had it all figured out, Until I met a new lady, no doubt. She's got curves in all the right places, And a smile that lights up her face.

Chorus: Should I choose my love or my ride? My loyal wife or my pride? It's a tough call, I'll have to choose, Between a woman and a set of wheels.

Bridge: I thought I found true love before, But now there's another knocking at my door. My heart's divided, torn in two, Between a woman and a truck that's brand new.

Chorus: Should I choose my love or my ride? My loyal wife or my pride? It's a tough call, I'll have to choose, Between a woman and a set of wheels.

Outro: I may be a fool, but I know what I like, And that's the feeling of the wind in my hair at night. I'll keep on truckin', with my head held high, With a new set of wheels and a faithful eye.


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... do you really need a 55 page scientific study that you'll never read to logically explain that UV light doesn't make plastic magically vanish?

Or uh.... Can we just assume within reason that plastic just doesn't disappear because the weather was good, and rather UV light makes plastic brittle, causing it to break down into micro plastics?


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I thought rigid would be higher.

I gave my set to my dad and converted to DeWalt because they were the only ones with an electric trimmer from a popular brand at the time. I didn't want to get a "greenworks" weed Wacker and then have a totally different set of tools and batteries.

I actually really liked my rigid tools. They had serial numbers and a meaningful registration. The DeWalt stuff doesn't care what you have. No serial numbers. Add tools to your online account however and whenever, no proof of purchase, and no serial numbers to enter.

Seeing what rigid has to offer now.... I kind of want to just make the switch back.

I had some DeWalt tools stolen, and the lack of serial numbers made it feel pointless to report. "Anything identifiable about these tools? Like a serial number or anything?"

"Uhhh.... Well. No. There's nothing useful that I can disclose."

"Okay... I'll, make a report with no information then."

"Okay sounds good thanks for wasting your time"

"No problem you too."

And that's basically how that whole process felt like.


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What would it look like if the displaced populations diffused to other areas where populations/settlements already exists?

It would be interesting to see how super dense areas that need to evacuate flooded areas would affect surrounding areas in unaffected regions in terms of population growth as the sea level rises.


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It should transition the movement automatically when you press the plus sign. If the transition breaks and the movement starts to teleport around then I'm afraid to tell you, but that was the moment I closed it and I haven't used it since lol.


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Make a circle, press the plus sign in the bottom left, drag the circle's line somewhere, press the plus sign, move it, add a rectangle. Press the Play button in the bottom left.

Start mixing it up. Add text, click on different frames at the bottom and reposition. The stuff in that frame and click the save button on the frame, see how it alters motion.

Try different buttons. Reload the page to start over.


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But what if you want to replace the toilet and the previous owners fucking grouted it INTO the tile AND LEFT NO EXTRA TILES. Fucking assholes.

It's the shittiest toilet too. You can't have a dick and not have it kiss underneath the rim of the seat or toilet. I'm not even big it's a shitastic toilet THATS GROUTED INTO THE TILE. WHY NOT JUST USE A TALLER WAX SEAL? WHY SHAPE THE TILE AROUND IT AND GROUT THE FUCKING THING IN??




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I remember having a computer guy come to our house and look at my parents computer. He was like "ah yes. This motherboard is capable of hyper threading. It was disabled. I've enabled it. Everything should load much faster now. I also defragged the hard drive, and I clicked the degauss button on your monitor."

We are like "yes yes very good. Here is $250 please come again"

I remember the first day we got a colour printer. Man was that cool. We PRINTED.... Our own BIRTHDAY cards. Fuckin wild. I loved that shit. I printed cards for everything after that.

I should do that again.

Harvard Draw 95 baby!