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It's a great trail, very close to UCF. It has a variety of scenery and you can even continue to hike along the river if you want. There is almost never anyone out past the power lines so I really enjoying getting way out there. Just if you go out that far, be advised of hunting seasons and wear a bright orange shirt or hat because you never know.


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I hike this trail often. Last year the water was the highest I have ever seen it, the river is about 50 yards from where this image is taken and I am knee deep in black water already. The crazy thing is, this is how flooded this area was in September - before Hurricane Ian came through. After Ian, this entire area was closed to flooding. The river flowed over not only the entire park but major streets and neighborhoods around central Florida.


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Thanks! I had spent the morning shooting the beach nearby that is one of few beaches in Florida that has rocks along the coastline that make for nice foreground subjects. By the time I got to this tree it was mid morning and there’s not much else to shoot in this kind of light but I agree the end result is not too bad.