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A lot of north Baltimore is like this (not just Hampden). There are actually lots of "suburban-type" neighborhoods (single-family houses, yards, off-street parking) all over Baltimore, just not near the downtown area.

I'd suggest picking some places and trying a "test commute" in the morning and the evening if at all possible. I live in north Baltimore now and when I went into an office (now about 95% remote) that was near Penn Station it took me maybe 15 minutes in the worst rush-hour traffic on 83 (normal, not apocalyptic accident/disaster traffic) to go about 5 miles. On the other hand, I lived in Catonsville years ago and was 8 miles from my office and it'd take me 40-50 minutes to get to work downtown because I had to take 40 the whole way. That being said, I also lived in Pasadena for a while and my commute could go as quickly as 20-25 minutes some days, probably averaging closer to 30 minutes even though I had to travel twice the distance I did from Catonsville. The lesson I learned is that you REALLY can't go by distance when estimating commuting time.


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The one time I tried to get a pork roll, egg and cheese bagel there (the one in Lutherville) they put HAM on it. When I complained they were extremely gracious about apologizing, but I never actually got any pork roll. They didn't seem to actually have any! I have a feeling that somebody was confused about the whole "Taylor Ham" thing.


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Giant has them too. They seem to always have the box but occasionally I've seen them stock the whole pork roll in a sock.

Sadly (because it's gone now) there used to be a seriously old school Baltimore restaurant called "Burkes" which was located at 36 Light Street (there's still a pin on Google Maps, oddly enough) that had a pretty good breakfast. So do some other greasy spoons in Baltimore. So what? Well, it's the only place in my life I've ever been to where ordering a side of pork roll resulted in being handed a plate with -- and I'm not kidding about this-- at least 10 pieces of pork roll for something like $2.50! Maybe there's a reason they went out of business...