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DST is temporary. If businesses were willing to change their hours multiple times a year you wouldn’t need DST. If you made a permanent change to your time zones businesses would change hours accordingly - permanently. It’s not rocket science.


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Yes, because it’s just temporary. That’s the point. If it were permanent then business hours would be set appropriately. If you decided to shift the clock by 4 hours in your state do you think businesses would open up 4 hours before sunrise?


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Whether or not the statistic is out of date, my point still stands that most of these deaths aren’t due to rejection. The reason that lung transplants are needed in the first place is often the cause of other health issues. Some lung transplants are done for cystic fibrosis and the transplant isn’t a cure, as the new lungs will be damaged by the disease as well.

If you lose a leg due to diabetes you’ll likely have lower lifespan than if you lose a leg due to acute trama. Pointing to lung transplant survival as indicative of survival after a limb transplant is incorrect and disingenuous.


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Most transplant recipients die from unrelated causes. The statistic you used for lung transplants is out of date, and it was largely influenced by the first few people to receive lung transplants. The average life-span increases every year.


If the first lung transplant were done 5 years ago you could say that no lung transplant recipient lived longer than 5 years and you'd be [technically] correct, but thoroughly misleading.